Aaron Chia 32 Corporate Dealer
Adrian Foo 31 Private Equity Fund Manager
Andre Tan 25 Trainee Solicitor
Benjamin Roberts 30 Accountant
Brendan Lim 36 Senior Product Sales Specialist
Camiel Weijenberg 35 Architect
Chris Rogers 31 Regional Art Director, Advertising
Darren Lee 31 Director, Branding and Communications Consultation
Dennis Ng 29 Banker
Dominic Pan 31 Banker
Eric Maney 30 Senior Manager - Corporate Real Estate
Ethan Low 29 Legal Counsel, Banking
Eugene Lim 33 Marketing Communications Director
Fabio Paradiso 36 Practice Lead (Executive Search Firm)
Gareth Wilce 32 Executive, Financial Risk Management
Gary Tho 28 Chiropractor
Gavin Rodrigo 34 Global Technology Manager, Hospitality
Ian Horsburgh 28 Account Director, Senior Executive Search
James Yi 38 Managing Partner, Public Relations
Jeremy Ward 30 Lawyer
Joban Singh 28 Regional Brand Manager, Marketing (FMCG)
John Clayton 28 Recruitment Consultant
Jon YongFook Cockle 33 CEO of 24-12
Jude Foo 28 Senior Account Manager, Advertising
Jun Mardian Sugandhi 33 Hedge Fund Manager
Justin Liok 33 Manager, Real Estate Investment, Development and Management
Keshav Sishta 28 Photographer
Ludovico Giella 25 Business Development Manager, E-commerce
Marvin Lee 30 Research Scientist
Maxime Lenik 32 Director, Music, Arts & Events Production