What is Augustman.com

Augustman.com is Asia’s first online men’s luxury lifestyle publication. With direct access to the various luxury brands and designer labels, Augustman.com continues to shape the mindset of its readership with a daily update of opinion  driven brand reviews and lifestyle news. Its target demographic consists of 20-49-year-olds with an interest in the finer things in life: luxury watches, designer menswear, motoring, travel and designer interiors.

Augustman.com doesn’t believe in throwaway “punchline” articles, we believe that the internet audience hungers for intelligent reads and we provide them accordingly. Whether it’s the latest movie review, dating tips, health and even career advice, Augustman.com doesn’t aim to be the largest men’s luxury lifestyle portal, we aim to be the most relevant.

What Augustman.com offers

  • A chance for brands to interact in with the fans and readers in a very personal way through pre-existing digital and creative assets.
  • A brilliant editorial team to support and augment your advertising campaigns through target and specific content.
  • A strong belief in the maxim “think global, act local”. All content, though written from a Singapore perspective, contains enough information to be of relevance to a global audience.
  • Rich lifestyle content on a wide spectrum of topics ranging from watches, design and living, style, travel, technology, motoring to culture.
  • The same DNA as the print publication and thanks to the power of the Internet, articles and coverage that are easily shareable through social media and able to reach a large audience when a story goes viral.

Why advertise with Augustman.com

  • According to market research conducted by NYU Stern School of Business, 66% of luxury brands now advertise online.
  • More brands like Burberry, Bang & Olufsen, Dior and Fendi are engaging their readership directly with social media and opinion shapers like Augustman.com
  • Customised Content: Augustman.com doesn’t believe that your online advertising campaign should exist in a vacuum. Besides input and advice, we’ll support your creatives with co-branded articles and advertorials.
  • An interactive alternative to one-way platforms like broadcast and print: Learn what your audience is saying about you and find out how you can better engage them through Augustman.com. Gather
    feedback on your brand’s popularity with various target groups.

For advertising enquiries, please email ann@burda.com.sg or call +65 6359 3831.

Click here to download the complete media kit.