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I sat around the other day grilling a couple of ex-schoolmates about that defining quality they want to cultivate in their young children. These are men who have done well enough in life to be able to sit around on weekday evenings doing nothing but answering existential questions about desirable qualities they want in their children. So it all made sense. I ask them because I am not a father and I wanted to experience, at least vicariously, the nerve-wrecking worries of fatherhood in these crazy, post-Jersey Shore times. Were they worried that their kids might evolve into badly-behaved sex-starved idiots? Things like that validate my singlehood and keep me smug.

Most of them wanted their sons to be “hardworking”, “morally strong” or “f***ing smart”. One wanted his boy to be a man of faith. All very heroic choices, I reaffirmed. But no one suggested “ambition”, which I thought was strange. I have long argued that ambition separates the best of us. As men born free of the plague and mid-career Bananarama songs, we are blessed with talents, gifts and immovable strengths. The lucky ones even have a trust fund or two to squander on a two-seater, high-performance sports car they’ll never perform in. (“Yes, the doctor will see you now about that penile extension.”) You can have all the money, good looks and connections in the world, but ambition will set you free.

This Fourth Anniversary Special Issue of August Man is designed to crush the idea of mediocrity. To mark the occasion of becoming the most-investigated men’s fashion and lifestyle title in Singapore and Malaysia, we’ve gathered a list of heavyweight players; big idea-men, stellar sportsmen, top fashion designers, innovative thinkers, sagely businessmen and even Enrique Iglesias (yes, in true chivalry, we leave no genetically-superior star behind, no matter how insipid the lyrics) to discover the true nature of their successes. All of them had to start from somewhere to climb that hill. And because they don’t tolerate or buckle to incompetence or rejection, men like them tower above others. Read between the lines and gain the wisdom.

Enjoy the issue,

Tommy Wee

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