Last month has been a manic frenzy, not only for the staff of the magazine, but also the world at large. The US lost its AAA credit rating by one agency. Markets tumbled and jumped like the EKG readout of a man with severe arrhythmia. Violence erupted in parts of England and the Internet proved its worth as vigilante documentaries captured horrific acts by people showing their ugliest sides amid the chaos. It was truly a sorry sight to watch. In other news, the phone hacking scandal continues to dog the Murdoch news empire with new revelations and accusations thrown left and right.

It perhaps explains our cover choice for this issue, Leonardo DiCaprio who is not only the highest paid star of the year, but who is also in the running for the world’s Most Responsible Celebrity in matters concerning environmentalism. (Brangelina still holds the throne when it comes to adopting children.)

The idea that celebrity and generosity of spirit should go hand in hand is an appealing one. In all the people that we have honoured in the magazine, this is perhaps the shared
commonality each of them possesses.

This issue marks the fifth anniversary of August Man magazine, and it is a little hard to believe that we had, in the summer of 2006, begun work on the first issue of the title with Jonathan Lobban, Christian Barker and Anthony Gonzales, all of whom have moved on to other ventures since. We had Ken Watanabe on that first cover, shot exclusively for us by Andrew Macpherson, a celebrity in his own right. I have a deep recollection of the extremely late nights that were spent working on that inaugural issue. Some things don’t change.

Our fifth anniversary issue is dedicated to the new wave of leaders that are emerging in Singapore and around the world, striving to make their mark on the world. From political figures to sportspersons and artistes, this new generation of high-profile men and women will be the driving force behind the modern world as we know it today.

Likewise, in fashion, the winds of change have led to a game of musical chairs among creative directors for several labels. And from the flanks of the runways, fashion director Janie shares her thoughts on the emerging trends of menswear for the current and upcoming seasons.

But reward is at hand. It is time to celebrate the fifth anniversary of August Man, and we are all ready to rock the brand new club Avalon at the end of September, joined by all our collaborators, clients and partners in creativity.

Till the next issue,

Darren Ho

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