Hosted by Anita Kapoor, the August Man A-Lister search ended with a party at the Velvet Underground. We got a chance to meet the men, who think they can make the A-list, and suss out our favourites.

The hunt for August Man’s A-Listers started with an island-wide search at some of our favourite places – Raffles Place, Overeasy, Five Izakaya, Mink/Royal Room, Ion Orchard, and Tanjong Beach Club. Some of our A-Lister hopefuls were also either nominated by their friends or self-nominated. From the number of names on our list, we can safely say we’ve debunked the myth that there are no good men on our tiny island nation.

And the result of such a tiring search? Singapore’s best and brightest gathered in one of the country’s hottest nightspots.

The August Man team took the opportunity to put the men through their paces. After a couple of drinks, they were pulled away for surprise interviews to test how they’ll perform under pressure and under the influence. This was just the first of many trials they will face on their fight to be one of the three winners who will claim the grand prize and bragging rights as the August Man A-Listers.

From all the nominations we’ve received, here are our top 30:

  • Ethan Low
  • Gavin Rodrigo
  • Aaron Xie
  • Maxime Lenik
  • Shalen De Silva
  • Ian Horsburgh
  • Sertac Tasdelen
  • Meng Han
  • Andre Tan
  • Gary Tho
  • Michael Tanujaya
  • Darren Lee
  • Mittu Chandilya
  • James Yi
  • Benjamin Roberts
  • Ludovico Giella
  • Joban Singh
  • Keshav Sishta
  • Ryan Lin
  • Jun Sugandhi
  • Christopher Rogers
  • Jude Foo
  • Oscar Salinas
  • Jeremy Ward
  • Steven Kim
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Justin Liok
  • Gareth Wilce
  • Dennis Ng
  • John Clayton

The Top 30 will take part in a series of activities and challenges that will make an August Man out of each of them. To follow the tears and recriminations of the A-Lister journey, visit and stay tuned.

Remember, voting begins on 13 April, so hold your horses. In the meantime, look out for the May issue of August Man to find out more about the A-Listers.

You can see the highlights of what went down at the August Man A-Lister party here: