Citroën has scored a winner with the Citroën DS3, a supermini in the new DS (Different Spirit) range from the French car manufacturer. And so you don’t find yourself in an awkward pickle when discussing this Citroën model, cue it in now that this range of vehicles is not a successor to the Citroën DS, an executive car produced between 1955 and 1975.

Don’t just take our word for it, because this compact car has a flood of accolades to prove its worth. It won “Car of the Year 2010” thrice, first with French webzine Auto Mag Info, second with a competition organised by the Norwegian daily Dagbladet and car magazine Vi Menn, and most recently with popular UK motoring magazine Top Gear, beating the likes of Jaguar, Bentley and Peugeot to name a few.

This baby is a clear head-turner, with a floating roof underlined with a dynamic waistline and 38 different colour configurations and patterns to strike anyone’s fancy. What’s more, despite it being a three-door car, which might be a strain on the legs for rear-end passengers, the Citroën DS3 is fitted with a high dashboard to increase leg room and slim-back sets allowing for spacious comfort.

You’ll also have the option of two Euro-V engine options: the Automatic VTi 120 and 6 speed Manual THP 150, a powerful engine comparable to the Mini Cooper.

If you're a fashion lover who’d much rather gawk than gun the engine, there are two designer editions for the Citroën DS3. The inspired automaker teamed up with Japanese fashion house Kenzo and French luxury label Yves Saint Laurent to create these one-offs for viewing pleasure only.

It only gets better. This slick compact car is one of our partners for the A-Listers campaign, and we have been zipping around in our very own August Man A-Listers Citroën DS3 eyeing the lot of you from afar over the last month. So drop us a wave or yell across the street next time you see us around, and perhaps we’ll let you hop in for a ride.

Photo credits: flickr / Julien Huet Photography and