Winner of the 2012 August Man A-Listers competition, Meng Han has been spending the last few weeks driving around with the Citroen DS4, courtesy of the French carmaker. He shares with us a few snapshots of his week and what he's been up to with the DS4. 

"The last 3 months have been nothing short of exciting (and stressful). Work piled up as we hit a peak for the year and went into overdrive, the anticipation leading up to the conclusion of the A-Listers campaign reached a high at the finale where I made it into the top 3. So in the midst of juggling family, work, and looking at numbers and deadlines, I managed to mix up and miss my original deadline for this journal entry. What initially was a self-brief of writing about an interesting topic has now become a typical weekend-in-the-life-of kind of short write-up. The only difference is I have the fab Citroen DS4, of course.
I am a firm believer of not working on weekends. And if I had to, it would mostly be on a Saturday. Sundays are always untouchable. This day of the week should be spent with family and friends. Our weekends are no different from the typical young Singaporean family. We usually have our breakfast out and depending on our moods (mostly the wife’s and daughter’s), it could be a nice quaint café, a restaurant, or one of the many hawker centers with superb local fare. We’re a family of foodies and would drive anywhere just to have good food. Plus, the island isn’t that big anyway.

This Sunday, we decided to head to Food For Thought at The Botanic Gardens. It was the wife’s first time behind the wheel of the DS4 while I sat behind with the daughter to enjoy the ride. It was also her first time using paddle shifts and I must say she totally aced it on first attempt, no jerks and sudden brakes. Traffic was smooth and we reached Food For Thought in no time. The missus loves it here because there is an outdoor playground where our daughter can mess around with other kids after her breakfast; leaving us some much appreciated time for a little couple chat.
It’s nice to talk about things in general while looking at our 3 year-old play with other children. Usually she would be terrorising her parents at the table. As we were about to leave, we bumped into fellow A-Lister, Mr Andre Tan who lives across the street. He was there to grab a quick bite and we had a short but nice catch up.
After breakfast, I drove the family home for the daughter’s nap and headed to blow off some residual weekday steam by doing CrossFit. A good friend introduced me to this sport a year ago and I’ve been hooked since. I don’t spend as much time at the box (term for a Crossfit gym) as I’d like to but I try to make it a couple hours every weekend. What is CrossFit? I struggle to come up with the right answer each time I get asked that question because I feel that words don’t do it justice. One has to try it to fully grasp it. The description of CrossFit does not convey all the benefits of the sport. It is not for everyone but I recommend at least giving it a go once. Not only does it give one a good workout but there’s also an excellent bunch of people that comes along with the sport. There is this great community spirit where strangers encourage and cheer for one another and good friendships can be forged that way.
The basic definition of CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity”, for a more detailed description and information of CrossFit, visit,, or Each session lasts an hour but I would usually stay back for another hour or so, just to hang out with other members who have become friends. I would head back just before the little one wakes from her nap, to prepare for the second half of our day. This Sunday, we head to the first-month celebrations of a friend’s second son. It was held at his soon-to-beopened seafood restaurant, The Naked Finn, tucked away at Gillman Barracks. Spending a few hours there, it was a nice way to end the weekend off with good company, great conversation, and watching our little ones play amongst themselves at this lovely little location. And because it’s nearing the most wonderful time of the year, there were no Monday blues present. It will probably come when I have to return the Citroen DS4, which I have grown to love in our short amount of time together."