After winning the 2012 August Man A-Listers competition, Mittu has spent a couple of weeks with his hands on the wheel of the Citroen DS4. As a man who's big on family, he's taken his kids out for a spin a number of times. Here's a look at what he's done with the DS4.

People who know me, know of my love for cars and motorcycles. For me, it has never been about the brand or performance specs but the actual drive, feel and style of the car. My particular passion has been American muscle cars and I am looking to restore a 1969 Mustang. Growing up riding motorbikes and working as a teenager in workshops, staring down the underbellies of American makes, I couldn’t escape from loving those machines.

I was really looking forward to picking up the Citroen DS4. I’ve had the chance to drive it a couple of times during the August Man A-listers challenges. But time constraints meant we were limited to driving within Sentosa and its 40 kph speed limit. This second time will be different. And it seemed our eldest son was more excited than anyone else as he accompanied his dad and mom to pick up "his" new car. The world is so simple from the eyes of a three-and-a-half-year-old. He wanted a white car that has a spoiler. The DS4 met both requirements although I had to point out that the spoilers were hidden in its coupe styled hatchback body.

The DS4 is part of Citroen's C4 series and the first thing a driver would notice in this sporty variant is its electronic shift transmission. This distinctive feature essentially eliminates the clutch pedal and has a manual gearbox with a robotised clutch. It has a standard automatic mode which works like an automatic transmission and it has a manual mode, which gives the driver the control of shifting gear from its Ferrari style steering wheel mounted paddles. For drivers that are used to automatic transmission, it could take a little getting used to the direct shift gearbox. The engine seems to gasp a little as each gear is ushered in however the shifts are quite detectable and in the automatic mode the driver would need to ease off the accelerator to allow the gears to shifts. This beauty allows her inner beast to shine when you hit the third gear. The DS4 handles well especially in faster corners for its relatively lofty body however the suspension required for this handling means that it does ride harder than usual. DS4 is not perfect but it is fun to drive.

Family is the most important thing for me. In this large and busy world, my wife and our boys are a small piece of heaven that reminds me that every day is a blessing. My wife and I make sure we optimise our time with our boys every day. So in the past three weeks our time really consisted of doing what the boys love doing. There were the trips to the Zoo, Botanical Gardens, malls, movies, grocery shopping and the daily commute to school are simple yet previous little memories of our time with the Citroen DS4 and the family.