Editor’s Note

“There are two kinds of people, those who work, and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition” – Indira Gandhi

This is my final Editor’s Note for August Man. After 38 issues, I’m leaving the flight formation for the world’s shortest sabbatical. I say ‘shortest’ because I know I’ll be in need of amusement faster than I can Twitter (the word is now officially a verb), “I’m thoroughly bored. Need to be gainfully employed. I’m breaking up with my couch.”

When I’m done with this letter, I’ll take on the heroic task of packing the office, which has been in – for the last three years – a familiar and comforting state of ‘organised chaos’. Legend has it that there are a couple of bodies (dead queens, presumably) hidden in here. My office is equal parts crime scene and fire-hazard; flooded with stacks of press kits on the verge of toppling, random memorabilia, CDs, books, tasteful nudes on the wall, magazines (duh), and at least one feng-shui apparatus I don’t completely understand. You can’t really tell the colour of the carpet. But I know exactly where everything is.

We had a good run over the last three years, winning publishing awards, new readers, trade partners, advertisers and fans. You know your magazine has hit the mark when staff writers have Facebook stalkers. It’s creepy acknowledgement, but we’ll take it. This dream team has lifted the standards and spirit of the best men’s title in Singapore. There is no better time for me to acknowledge the contributions made by my colleagues and co-conspirators.

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to:

Celine (Deputy Editor): For refreshing the fatigued watch pages so brilliantly, flogging the production whip in time, and being the voice of reason (usually the only one) during boisterous editorial  meetings.

Luann (Features Editor): For championing supercars like she does single-malts. For having more balls (and shorter hair) than some men. For making treacherous high heels look effortless.

Jules (Sub-Editor): For patiently vacuuming the pages with a clarity, lucidity and candour few can match. And for being a lovely sport every single time. She’s a fantastic dancer!

Lance (Senior Writer): For the ribald jokes, the wealth of knowledge on cars, working out and eating right (he guilts us every day), and the easy, warm attitude which has infected the whole team.

Ci En (Associate Web Editor): For her earthy humour, empathetic eye for stories and the Herculean courage to take it for the team on more than one occasion. We’re talking about you, A-listers.

Amelia (Web Writer): For her tireless vigour when it comes to retail therapy, her enthusiasm for all things beautiful, and a talking speed that makes me feel my age.

Janie (Fashion Director): For her formidable ability to dress men to look like men. For her captivating fashion spreads, and the admirable ability to never gain a single pound no matter how much she eats.

Ben (Fashion Stylist): For being such a pro with models. For his tortured and welldocumented appreciation of fine eyewear. And for somehow taking on a British accent whenever he’s inebriated. Again, you’re not Madonna.

Jerald (Art Director): For revamping the book in vividly stylised detail. For being composed, unfazed and quite possibly the coolest father around.

And of course, you, dear reader, for affirming what we do each and every month.

Tommy Wee

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