Continuing its tradition of fusing luxury with contemporary art, Louis Vuitton has teamed up with three artists for the creation of its Spring Summer 2013 collection of scarves: Aiko from Japan, Os Gemeos from Brazil, and Retna from America.

In an August Man exclusive, we have the video featuring Californian street artist, Retna.

A gifted graffiti writer, Retna's work came to prominence when he started painting murals inspired by ancient texts. Drawing heavily from Egyptian hieroglyphics, Incan writings and Asian calligraphy, he caught the attention of R&B artist, Usher, who subsequently commissioned him to create a portrait of legendary singer, Marvin Gaye.

For Louis Vuitton, Retna has reinterpreted the brand's iconic motifs and emblems with his signature style to create the "Script Stole".

Using watercolour, he seeks to communicate the originality, strength and boldness that the house embodies.