IN CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, Ryan Gosling’s character tells Steve Carrell’s that the great thing about being a single, adult male is that there are 16 items of clothing you can buy to rebuild your wardrobe. That ’s absolutely true, although we rather doubt that anyone who sees our trend report and spring/summer shoots in this issue would be inclined to stop at 16. We’ve previously identifi ed an emerging trend of mingling of sports wear with formals. Read our full report on page 150.

Perhaps “rebuilding” is too strong a word, but certainly we can all do with “refreshing”. There are some things that I simply love too much to give away, however ‒ the soft pink six-fold handmade paisley tie that’s been jibed at by every colleague in the offi ce, or that crisp white cotton shirt that’s perfect with a navy blue jacket. Perennials and seasonals can co-exist, or so I believe. A

side from sartorial trends, we’ve also spotted an increasing number of Asian men fronting the global advertising campaigns of major fashion labels. Indeed, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and many other luxury brands are focusing on the Asian context, with Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini herself pointing out the increasing importance of the Chinese market.

What we’d like to see here is the birth of a cycling culture. On this front, Swedish label Hennes & Mauritz has announced a partnership with Brick Lane Bikes. We bring you an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Brick Lane Bikes founder Feya Buchwald. We are also collaborating with H&M this month to elevate cycling culture, with an online challenge to give away a H&M x Brick Lane Bikes bicycle to one lucky reader ‒ details on

Our exclusive interview with man of change and award-winning photographer Brent Stirton tells us more about this gent who risks life and limb to shed light on things that aff ect the human condition. His passionate work has galvanised governments and groups to take action on life-threatening diseases, poverty and natural disasters. He believes photography with a context can be a tool for inspiring positive change, an opinion that we share in this magazine.

Enjoy the issue.

Darren Ho
Managing Editor

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