Having been on a travel loop the last few months, repeatedly visiting Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, I’m compelled to admit that Singapore is quite possibly an icon of Asian success in many aspects… save for a transport system that suffers from a lack of thorough maintenance, and ministers who earn more than the president of the United States, and who desperately need to pick up some skills in public relations.

One thing that is frequently remarked about Singapore is its lack of a national culture, that its migrant history and young background makes it nearly impossible to define what our cultural references are. I disgree. Our national culture lies in food.

As a migrant community well into its third and fourth generation, our language and familial habits have all faded into a homogenous nature, much like the French youth with Franglais. But even if national disapproval of Singlish remains, our food-loving culture has not diminished in any way. It’s possibly because of our multi-cultural  society that we have a craving to adopt the various codes of each race in terms of cuisine. Internationally,  we have the highest concentration  of food-related blogs in the world. So if there’s one obsession we indulge in without apology, it’s food.

Our food issue comes with a host of ideas on how to entertain, how to cook, and what to cook it with. A comprehensive  guide to our compulsive eating lifestyle, this will have you spending time in the kitchen aside from foraging for chips and drinks.

We’re also embarking on a new season of the August Man A-Listers competition, and our host Anita Kapoor will be making the rounds and visiting Singapore’s entertainment  hotspots to find 30 individuals who  the bill to take part in this year’s challenge. Check out  for more information.

As I write this, the Golden Globe Award results are being tabulated by Ernst & Young, We’re betting that Michael Fassbender, our cover choice for this issue, will be taking home the Best Actor award this year for his role in Shame, directed by Steve McQueen. His performance in A Dangerous Method is no less noteworthy, portraying Sigmund Freud opposite Viggo Mortensen’s Carl Jung. (Mortensen is also up for a nomination as Best Supporting Actor.) Fassbender is up  against Hollywood’s three great actors of our time George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and his nomination demonstrates a steady climb to the top of the Hollywood ladder since his first performance in Band of Brothers.

Enjoy the issue.

Darren Ho


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