There's a pattern about it, if you pay close attention.


An untainted white sky as the backdrop, almost like a blank canvas; a limited palette, as though a plethora of colours would only distract; a consistent mild shallowness in the depth of field, just enough for your eyes to focus on where he wants them to, but without overdoing it. Such are the quirks that Berlin-based architect-photographer Gerrit Engel is known for.

Famous for his photographs of individual houses, which fit together like pieces of a puzzle to form the montage of a city, Engel will be showcasing snapshots of Berlin's buildings.


Home to some of the finest architecture in the world, Berlin will be captured by Engel's distinguishable approach to photography that he's stayed true to, ever since his acclaimed debut in 1997 of the Buffalo Grain Elevators that placed him on the global radar.


Gerrit Engel: Berlin.Photographs.
1 Mar - 1 Apr 2013
Goethe-Institut Singapore, 163 Penang Road #05-01, Winsland House II, Singapore 238463

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