A thick, full body of hair is not to be scoffed at. Guys who are crossing the boundary of "full head of hair" to "shaved head" will appreciate what I mean, but receding hairlines strike at anyone, without regard for race, religion or any other factor. Unfortunately once male pattern baldness begins, there are only a handful of solutions that are effective at preventing further deterioration.

Of these fixes, none are so discreet or easy to manage as Kerastase Homme's Anti-Hairloss Roll-On, packaged in a slim dark green bottle and easy to use for those of us who aren't dandies in front of the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning.

The Kerastase Homme Anti-Hairloss Roll-On contains numerous ingredients that are known to have the ability to repair follicles and actually encourage hair growth. Taurine, D-Biotin, GL, arginine and menthol are found in the product as well as vitamins PP, B5 and E. It's extremely easy to use and fuss-free: simply roll it over the areas of your scalp that are currently showing signs of balding.

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