Jun Mardian Sugandhi

Hedge Fund Manager
A Man of Substance is…someone who sees something through till the end

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When he’s not making smart investment decisions, he’s making burgers - Jun has us convinced that he can make the best burgers in town. We’ve yet to try it, but we’re planning to host a barbeque just to see if he lives up to his reputation.


AM: The One Thing That Changed My Life:
JS: I grew up in Asia so I am more of a zi-cha boy; i.e. I prefer kway teow and bee hoon to mash potatoes. However, after one trip to Triple-O's at Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada, my life was totally changed. The mushroom burger was so nice that I ended up eating the same burger for the whole month during my work trip there. So I am very happy to see that Triple-O's has opened stores in Hong Kong and Singapore.  

AM: Tell us about the one thing you’re really good at: 
JS: Flipping burgers. I can make the world’s best, juiciest, sauciest burgers.
AM: A Man of Substance is…
JS: Someone who sees something through till the end