It’s been a busy week here at August Man and in Singapore. It seems strangely apt that the May issue of the magazine was the Travel issue, as this May, the team has been scurrying around the world trying to fix up photo shoots, interviews and writing up travel stories, from Dublin to Hong Kong.

Last month, we also planned an online survey of a complete range of grooming services and products online, which was answered by over 2000 people. The results will be summarised and published in the inaugural August Man Grooming Awards, to be introduced in the upcoming issue of the magazine. In addition we also completed the nominations and voting for the top 15 finalists of the August Man A-Listers competition, and selected the top 15 candidates that you have decided are worthy of taking part in the annual A-Listers challenge coming up later this year. This week, we’ll get to familiarise ourselves with the A-Listers and introduce them to the public, online and on print.

In addition, we’ve interviews with several notables in this issue, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Matthew Weiner, executive producer of the popular television series Mad Men. Check it out! If you’ve picked up a copy of the magazine, enjoy the issue. Otherwise, check out these interviews on our iPad app or desktop app as well!

Best regards

Darren Ho
Managing Editor

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