Contributed article by Chef Nick Lee, Executive Chef – Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

You don’t need to be a food connoisseur to know how to order and enjoy a good steak. You just need a few basic pointers to help you do that. There are many types of cuts to choose from hence you will have to know if you prefer more lean meat or a little more fat with high marbling content. Next you will need to know what type of doneness you prefer.

How to Order a Steak

Ordering a steak is all about being able to pick the right cut. There are three common types of steak cuts you can find in any American-Euro-style restaurant or supermarket:

  1. Sirloin: Fat on the outer edge with full flavour but I would not suggest this cut if you like your steak “well done”. A well done Sirloin steak is really tough to chew.
  2. Tenderloin: Lean, tender and it goes well with any doneness.
  3. Rib Eye: My personal favourite. These are the best cuts for steak as the marbling content is high with some fats at the centre; the steak is still tender and juicy regardless of doneness.

Prime ribs, good beef and you

Jonathan Ho: What do good prime ribs taste like?

Chef Nick Lee: Only 1 - 2.5% of all beef processed in United States of America is good enough to be graded by the USDA as Prime, you are definitely enjoying the best of the best. Hence the best way to describe: Incredible rich flavour, juicy, tender and easily melts in your mouth.

JH: Juicy and tender? Sounds like you're describing something like Rib Eye with high marbling content...

Chef Lee: Only USDA Prime Ribs have the high marbling content, with a well aging process that is aged between 21 months and accompanied by the slow roasting process, you are enjoying the crème de la crème of beef.