Come 7 January 2013, the John Walker & Sons Voyager yacht will be docking on our shores after its long journey from Shanghai through to Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila and Ha Long Bay (Vietnam). The Voyager is a tribute to the three people, John Walker, Alexander Walker I and Sir Alexander Walker II, all of which have changed the face of the luxury whisky industry. It also celebrates individuals in Asia Pacific that have been major influencers in their respective industries. They will be invited aboard the Voyager to experience the pinnacle in luxury craftsmanship and celebrate the launch of Odyssey.
Travelling aboard the luxury yacht is Johnnie Walker Global Brand Ambassador Tom Jones, who has been sailing the seas to share his experiences at each port. A strong advocate for the brand, Jones is a knowledgeable and credible scotch whisky expert who has previously worked with several other Diageo brands like Bowmore and Bulleit Bourbon. During his trip, Jones will also be doing mentoring sessions on the premium Odyssey blend. We had a quick chat with Tom Jones prior to his arrival about his motivations behind being a brand ambassador.
What does your job entail?
I travel all around the world visiting every market that Johnnie Walker performs in. I meet everyone from consumers (I talk to them about whisky and the liquid), to sales people and customers. It’s always about talking about the liquid, how we make it and how to taste it.
What do you like most about your job?
What I really enjoy is travelling to new countries and the fact that every single day is different. I get up and it’s a different workplace, different people and different things to talk about. That’s what I really enjoy.
Why did you decide to work in the scotch industry?
Well, living in Scotland, it was the ideal opportunity to get to know people who made whisky, visit the distilleries, and really get down to the grassroots level of making whisky like Johnnie Walker. It’s also a good time for scotch whisky and I recognised that it was a good opportunity, career-wise, to work with scotch.
I was looking for a change of direction in my career. I’d worked in hospitality for a long time and I really wanted to work more social hours, although, now I travel around the world at all sorts of different times of day.
Aside from whisky, what are you passionate about?
I quite enjoy music. I like playing the guitar although I don’t seem to get enough time to do that at the moment. And I do like hill walking, which is a popular pastime in Scotland because we have so many hills.