There are so few things Singaporeans root for and do together anymore. Wedged in between eating and shoving people on the public transport, we’re possibly down to seeing MM Lee appear during the National Day Parade 2012 and complaining. 
But when the news of a parent making a police report against a teacher who cut her 12 year old son’s hair surfaced, we certainly got together to put in our two cents worth. When I read that the boy’s mom was fuming that the teacher has ruined her son’s $60 haircut, I knew I had to make my two cents a little louder.
Like many, my first instinct was to chastise the boy’s mom for her over-reaction. Did it warrant a police report? Couldn’t she tell that it was done with a good intent? And come on now, the boy’s more-expensive-than-mine-$60 haircut did not help her case at all. But as much as I hate to say, I do agree with how the teacher’s action was unnecessary an hour before the national exam, that it does seem a little extreme and backwards.
After this story circulated the Internet for a few days, I’ve heard many people comment that they fear for the future of our country. Exaggeration and over-dramatisation aside, is this story an accurate sneak peak of the new generation of children or just an isolated example? I would have to say that this kid does not scare me half as much as the gun-wielding psycho who made the showing of Dark Knight a massacre.
But honestly, who am I to say? The way I view the boy’s $60 haircut – with self-righteousness and a holier-than-thou attitude – is akin to how a 1970s kid judged me for having a mobile phone when I was 12. Our society is definitely changing and I can’t say I blame parents for showering their children with everything in the world. One thing that does not change for sure, however, is instilling the right values into our children.
Which gets me wondering, just who is doing this for the boy in this situation, his mom or his teacher? I suppose I’m in no position to say (yet another Singaporean trait – opinionated yet choosing to sit on the fence, but continues to post opinions from a seemingly safe vantage point behind the computer screen).

Image: Getty Images