Come 26 – 29 July, the Evian Masters will commence and with that comes a season of gawk- I mean golfing greats fighting for the title. Unlike the Masters Tournament held in the states, this one won’t be played by the likes of Bubba Watson or Louis Oosthuizen, but by the ladies.
Some people still believe golf should be a ‘men-only’ sport, but we do not condone such bigotry. If you’re talking about skill, these players are just as good as their male-counterparts. If you cite history or tradition, you’re probably Amish, so you probably won’t be reading this anyway.
This year’s tournament comes a few months after the Augusta (similarity in name is purely coincidental) National Golf Club debate, which revolved around IBM’s current CEO Ms Ginni Rometty. Even US president Obama has commented on the issue and has said that women should be allowed to become members there. But alas, despite all these financial and political influences, Augusta remains [male chauvinist] pig-headed.
It’s great that there are more opportunities for women in the golfing arena and their contributions to the sport can only help it grow. Besides, with the embarrassment incurred from the actions of one clod from the men’s delegation, it’s about time the women step up and give the sport some good press.
We’re all for gender equality and we love supporting efforts like these. But I think we’ll probably be watching these rounds for a whole other reason. Many of the female golf professionals are gorgeous, taking grace and poise on the green to a whole new level. Are we afraid of admitting that? No. After all, TV was made as a distraction, was it not?
The Evian Masters has been sponsored by evian® for the past 18 years. This sees participation from some of the most renowned female golf professionals from around the world, with quite a number from our tiny Asian continent. The Evian Masters is also the first professional golfing event (for men’s or women’s) to be awarded the prestigious Masters status in Continental Europe. It will be held in its homeland between the lake and mountains of the French Alps.