It’s 2013 and not only has the world not concluded, the US government has shown that it is, on occasion, capable of firm action: the raising of the debt ceiling has ensured that services are maintained. Even as we are rattling out resolutions on Twitter, my hope is that 2013 will be a year of positive and strong action, be it financially, socially, and more. Here in August Man, we’re kicking off the year with a full schedule, prepping for the annual pilgrimage to Geneva, Milan and Paris for the next season of fashion and timepieces. In addition, our art team is engaged with creating a new feel of the magazine: you’ll see a brand new August Man in February. Meanwhile, we are welcoming an old friend back to the team – Ci En, our former web editor, has returned to the magazine as the deputy editor of August Man. We also have on board Jasmine Huang, our new designer who will join Jerald, our art director and Gina, our senior designer in contributing her input to the design of the magazine.
2012 may have concluded with a number of unsettling and shocking incidents of cruelty and maniac behaviour, but that will hopefully spur us to take proactive measures to fight injustice and apathy. The United Nations has named this year the year of Small Island Developing States. I prefer to think of this year as the year of equality, when countries around the world stand up for equal rights for all, regardless of gender, race, religion and sexuality. If laws are made to apply to every person, every person should then have access to the same rights and restrictions.
Here’s to a year of fighting for equality.

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