Here's the alcohol hierarchy for you: You get breweries anywhere and even a handful on our shores. Vineyards? Head Down Under to Perth and you're sipping wine amidst verdant greenery. But to observe the making of ice wine, you'll have to travel some 8000 miles to Canada.

Ice wines are dessert wines produced from grapes that have been frozen while still on the vine. As such, the sugars and other dissolved solids do not freeze, but the water does, allowing a more concentrated grape to be pressed from the frozen grapes and this results in very sweet, robust wines. The process is slightly risky and labour intensive, and as the amount produced each time is small, ice wines are generally expensive.

For one night only on 10th November 2011, celebrity chef restaurant SANTI will present an ice wine dinner with Inniskillin wines, known to be one of the most renowned ice wines around and made from one of the best wineries in Canada. We're talking seven courses with SANTI's prized fare, and this is also the first time such a large variety of ice wines from Inniskillin are featured in a single seating. An Inniskillin representative will be present to share his thoughts on wine pairing recommendation as well.

Personally, we can't think of anything more delicious than a wine-soaked dinner amidst the buzz at Marina Bay Sands. Here's the straight up version of what you can expect.

Inniskillin Wine Pairing Dinner at SANTI

Prawn and Scallop Salad with yoghurt mint sauce and avocado paired with Inniskillin 'Two Vineyards' Riesling 2010

Foie Gras Terrine with Inniskillin icewine, grapes and citrus paired with Inniskillin Icewine Oak Aged Vidal 2006

Ocean Trout "Mi Cuit" with Mediterranean tabbouleh and Iranian saffron butter paired with Le Clos Jordanne 'Le Grand Clos' Chardonnay 2008

Wild Mushroom Cocotte with potato gnocchi and Swiss chard paired with Le Clos Jordanne 'Le Grand Clos' Pinot Noir 2007

Smoked Duck Magret with celeriac, chestnuts and black truffles paired with Le Clos Jordanne 'Le Grand Clos' Pinot Noir 2007

Ice Lemon Tea with ginger and pineapple paired with Inniskillin Icewine Riesling 2007

Chocolate Textures with cherries and vanilla paired with Inniskillin Icewine Cabernet Franc 2007

Priced at $265++ per person.Reservations can be made at +65 66888501 or at