After a certain age, crowded torso-to-torso bars and nightspots start to lose their appeal. You’ve worked hard, and possibly played even harder. So why the damn hell can’t you find a seat and a place that won’t bust your eardrums? Instead of scouring the island for more subdued locations, presenter of Discovery Channel's "Cocktail Kings" and Global Ambassador for Grey Goose, Dimitri Lezinska, offers some advice on starting your own bar – at home.


DL: The full selection: from martinis, to rocks, highballs, coupes, flutes, and shot glasses. There is never the one type of occasion and/or guest so a different glass for every occasion is necessary. Depending on how regularly you entertain for large groups, you should always make sure you never run out. For me, the way forward is crystal glassware, because even the best drinks should come out in nice clothes!

Essential liquors, mixers and alcohol

DL: For aperitifs, you will need a selection of vermouth and drinking bitters. My suggestion would be the Noilly Prat family; for vermouth and drinking bitters, I would suggest Aperol and Campari. Some people do not like sweet drinks, so for those, please look at some sherry. I personally like Amontillado, which offers a round and balanced taste.

A good mix of liqueur would include maraschino, elderflower and cherry. They will give you the ability to make decent varied drinks for your guests.

For after dinner drinks, herbal liqueurs are more appropriate, look at something outstanding such as Toussaint Coffee liqueur (for the best espresso martini); Benedictine and Drambuie are also good.

Basic cocktails

DL: A man should be able to mix the Classic Grey Goose martini cocktail, a Bloody Mary, a Cosmopolitan and a Grey Goose Le Citron Lemon.

Most underrated drink

DL: In Asia I would say the Gimlet, because It is such a refreshing cocktail for any moment and works really well with Singapore’s hot climate!

More recipies


35ml Grey Goose

15ml elderflower liqueur

25ml green apple juice

15ml lemon or lime juice

5ml sugar syrup


40ml Grey Goose L’Orange

2 drops Peychaud’s bitters

10ml Noilly Prat

25ml kalamansi juice

5ml mango syrup

Pinch of rock salt to rim the glass.


35ml Grey Goose L’Orange

15ml ginger liqueur

30ml fresh pink grapefruit juice

10ml lime juice

15ml tangerine or raspberry syrup

2 drops Peychaud’s bitters

Garnish with a slice of pomegranate