Whether you’re looking to catch the UEFA Euro 2012 finals or the Olympics later in the month, you’re probably going to need to find a place to catch them. If you’re in the city and deciding on where best to go, Ravesquare’s Pub Mania will probably be your go-to app.
Pub Mania gives you the lowdown on local happenings, promotions and live music in the pubs around you. Want to catch happy hour at a nearby bar or find a place that is great for a date? Just browse through the tabs and all that information is available at your fingertips.
Smartphones aren’t just there for slicing digital fruit, firing little deformed birds or taking pictures of your lunch. The whole point of owning one is for the functionalities it affords you. And if the thought of locating alcohol doesn’t excite you, then you’re probably better off playing words games with your friends.
What we love about the app is that it has a dedicated “specials” tab that tells you which pubs are currently showing the football Euro 2012 and other sports – should they be in season, of course. Just remember to sit on the right side of the pub when you’re catching the finals as its probably going to get crazy. You probably don’t want to be right smack in the middle of supporters of the opposing team.

Pub Mania is free to download on the iTunes app store. Some of the establishments currently listed on the app include, Prelude Bar, Fry bistro Bar, Beer Market and Studio Bar.