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“They who are of the opinion that Money will do everything, may very well be suspected to do everything for Money” – George Savile

I wanted to share the woes of my BlackBerry addiction and how it’s making me walk into walls (almost) on a daily basis, but I decided the subject of money is a lot more interesting. Since, you know, most of us function better with it. But ‘money’ just sounds crude and ineffectual these days. So we’ll refer to money as ‘PAPER’ from hereon.

At the end of January, Spanish footballer and former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres set an audacious record for a British transfer fee of $104 million to Chelsea, making him the fourth most expensive footballer in history. That’s a lot of PAPER. That singular move earned him the nickname of Judas among the Reds, and character attacks on the player soon followed, with fans claiming he was ‘selfish, lazy and wasn’t content with the club’s ambitions’. But Torres did make off with a lot of PAPER.

PAPER talks. Everything else takes a walk.

Britney Spears’ comeback video, ‘Hold It Against Me’, isn’t completely unwatchable, but what’s apparent – besides the post-natal weight gain after a Starbucks latte diet – is the amount of blatant product placement built into the four-minute clip – which all ends in a lot of PAPER for her. The stuff being pimped includes a fragrance, a brand of make-up, a dating website and an electronic good manufacturer called Sony. (I’d like to reassure everyone they didn’t pay me PAPER for this column) The total endorsements came up to a sick $640,000. Really? Britney? Britney now has more PAPER than before. All for starring in her own music video.

PAPER talks. Everything else takes a walk.

Last month, year-on-year food inflation hit close to 18 per cent. We’re talking about food here. That one basic necessity of human needs. You now need serious PAPER to guiltlessly consume the $40 burger in that Orchard Road hotel. But in a world where style sometimes cost more than it should, where interns strut into office on a pair of Miu Mius dangling Dior, where the largest rims get the best parking space in front of the hotel…

PAPER talks. Everything else takes a walk.

Still, we’ve all met enough well-heeled folks to say this, there are people with PAPER, and there are people who are rich.

Spend in style,

Tommy Wee

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