If you ignore George W Bush’s presidency, the Vietnam War is probably the most controversial chapter in American history. The number of films that have been made about this is staggering, but how much of what is depicted in these films is real?

In a bid to ensure historical accuracy, come 30 April, HISTORY will be screening Vietnam Lost Films which will give viewers an unadulterated look at the sights, sounds and stories of the Vietnam War like you’ve never seen before. From the initial massive troop call-to-arms in 1965 to the fall of Saigon in 1975,  thousands of hours of uncensored footage from private collections, museums, veterans’ organizations, news wires and, more importantly, the U.S. government, will detail every significant point in the conflict.

Watch the war unfold as told by 13 accounts by the brave men and women who served and suffered from it. This six-hour miniseries will give the veterans of the Vietnam War a platform to tell their stories of what they’ve lived through and for the public to truly understand what went down in the trenches.

10 lucky Augustman.com readers stand a chance to win the exclusive HISTORY Vietnam Lost Films package, which consists of a HD DVD box set chronicling the Vietnam War, a HISTORY luggage tag and an official HISTORY army backpack, binoculars & water bottle set. Just leave a comment below and tell us your favourite movie that revolves around the Vietnam War and why you like it. Contest ends May 4th, so start posting.

Vietnam Lost Films will run on HISTORY from 30 April to 2 May, 9pm to 11pm. Also, look out for our June print issue of August Man for a chat with Sonny Silva and Ken Carlstrom, Vietnam War veterans who served as consultants for Vietnam Lost Films.