Welcome to August Man 2.0.
You may notice some major improvements to the magazine this month. Like any establishment, we have made repairs to the building over the course of six years, but this month, we’ve completed a series of major refurbishments and come out leaner, stronger, faster… you get the picture.
The three things they say you can count on in life are death, taxes and change. All around us, change is quickly appearing. In Paris, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in peaceful protest to stand up for the freedom to marriage. In the Middle East, the clamour for gender equality is also growing, and elsewhere in Asia, the fight for freedom of speech has led to great strides in the end of censorship. All these things start from the street, so we’re looking to the streets for inspiration.
Today, the bond between street culture and high culture is inextricable and undeniable. Photographers such as Tommy Ton and Scott Schuman are celebs in their own right, and the photographs they capture are just as captivating as Steve McCurry’s photo of the Afghan girl. Designers are looking to the street for influence, and the street is taking from high culture, subverting it into new art.
Our issue of change is dedicated to the street, and this month, you’ll see more about the street that we’ve been influenced by.
Enjoy the new August Man 2.0. And let us know what you think of it.

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