When you think about the different types of cuisine like French, Italian, and Japanese, you know exactly what type of food to expect. But when the topic of Australian cuisine is broached, the question that usually comes up is – What the hell is Australian cuisine?
Chef Scott Webster from Osia explains, “Australia really doesn’t have a traditional cuisine, whereas we have an influence of many styles of cuisine because of the multiculturalism that is in Australia. My food sort of reflects that multiculturalism, but also, I target some of the indigenous ingredients that our aboriginal people have been eating for thousands of years. Australia is probably one of the youngest countries in the world, yet we have one of the oldest cultures.”
His use of indigenous produce combined with Asian influences is what sets Osia apart. Dishes served here have a very clean flavour profile and do not rely on the typical French-style of cooking everything with a giant vat of butter. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t flavourful. Au contraire, Osia serves up delicious fare that perfectly showcases the quality of its produce.
The first thing you should have at Osia is the Seafood Ice Experience ($36). Six different types of seafood are paired with flavoured crushed ice. The light fruity flavours of the ice are great palate cleansers and act as teasers to the rest of the meal.
If you’re in the mood for some red meat, try the Milk Fed Lamb Short Loin and Neck ($64). It is served with orange Tamarind jam, parsnip mint purée and puffed grains ‘Bacon Mustard’. Lamb tends to be a rather heavy protein taste-wise, but it is balanced with the lightness of the jam and purée.
For the pescetarians, definitely get the Hokkaido Scallop, Wild King Prawn, Cod ($68). Served with Potato Espuma and Chips, Scallion Powder, Verjus Sauce, the combination of the three types of seafood is drool-inducing. I daresay, I wouldn’t mind having another plate of it.
Save space for dessert though, Osia serves up a mean dessert that won’t shoot jolts of pain through your teeth. The Valrhona Hot Chocolate Soup ($22) is worth the calories. It is paired with Black Peppered Ice Cream and a Sesame Crisp. The only thing that can make this warm dessert more perfect would be the temperature of the nation dropping to 10 degrees. The hot chocolate soup is the ideal thing to have on a cold day.
Osia is located on Level 2, Crockfords Tower/World Square, Resorts World Sentosa.