The owners of this Singapore home have no qualms about sharing a flicker of their private life with the world outside their glass walls. The few that they have, at least.

Dubbed the "Golden Box" for the signature golden mesh that wraps around the facade of the house, architects K2LD explained that the intended effect was to blur the visual boundaries between the public and private areas of the house.

The house is structured such that the main living area is a glass box that houses the main living and dining areas. Above that is the second floor, shrouded by the golden mesh that's screened in varying porosity depending on the function of the room that it hides. In the day, the mesh acts as a light veil over the private glassed areas of the 2nd storey. During the night, the screen dissolves and unveils the events within when the interior is lit.

To retain the flexibility and maximisation of space, the living, dining and family areas were all combined into one and conventional corridors were forgone for widened passageways that could be turned into alternative spaces. The team also created partition walls between rooms which can be adjusted according to the owner's whims and fancies.

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