Every great author, from Mark Twain to Graham Greene to Jack Kerouac, has written intimately and often on travel. It broadens the mind, awakens the spirit and enlightens the soul. Especially if you’re on a road trip with some good friends and a few bottles of good whisky.
We’re frequently on the road, because as journalists, we commit to pen and paper interesting experiences, some that are never replicated again and others that result from personal curiosity or unexpected incidents that leave an impression on us permanently. So we’ve compiled in this issue a vigorous spread of travel options that offer each and every traveler the opportunity to experience or attempt something he or she has never done before.
Our cover personality, Josh Brolin, is a man who has played various characters and placed himself in numerous positions, from that of a former president to now hero in the upcoming film, Men In Black. As an actor, he has placed himself in many roles, each adding a breadth of new knowledge to his repertoire.
We wish you a great deal of travelling ahead and the Travel Issue of August Man to guide you along your journeys.

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