Victorinox is best known as the supplier and retailer of multi-purpose Swiss Army knives, and today it is the sole supplier of these instruments to the Swiss military. The company, just shy of 120 years of history, bears the name of founder Karl Elsener's mother, in 1909 - the name was adopted later in her honour. Initially the company was solely responsible for producing multi-purpose utility equipment to the Swiss army, but this was later expanded to other countries and companies, and today Victorinox's Swiss Army knives have sailed through space with NASA and climbed Mt Everest with adventurers.

The company's portfolio has broadened to numerous other equipment associated with travel and the military - luggage bags bearing the cross in a shield as well as cutlery and timepieces are part of its expansive range of products that include bayonets. Over the years, as modern equipment has evolved, so has Victorinox's multi-purpose knives and watches (today's Swiss Army knives include thumb drives alongside screwdrivers).

The Chrono Classic XLS MT is a brand new addition to Victorinox's Chrono Classic range, adding utilitarian functions to a popular Victorinox line. Like many other multi-function timepieces, the Chrono Classic XLS MT displays additional information within two digital displays; however, the various functions that it offers are all controlled by one single crown; ease of use is essential to the Victorinox watch.

The watch operates a chronograph with 0.01 second accuracy, alarm, countdown function and a perpetual calendar that speaks English, French, German and Spanish. A PVD treatment on the stainless steel case, designed to protect the watch case from scratches and damage, is offered in a cool ruthenium grey monikered Black Ice, with a stainless steel bracelet that will brave any environment.

Valued at S$1,799, we're offering all readers the opportunity to win a Victorniox Swiss Army Chrono Classic XLS MT timepiece. All you need to do is log in to, reply to this article and add your opinion on why this watch suits your lifestyle and you admire most about Victorinox Swiss Army. The gentleman (or lady) with the best answer wins!

This challenge will conclude on 31 March 2012, midnight.