With the 2022 FIFA World Cup wrapping up today, one of either Argentina or France will be lifting the trophy. While many folks are making predictions about which country might end up doing that (both teams are equally matched in the final), some people are also wondering about what’s at stake, particularly just how much prize money will the winners take home?


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What is the 2022 FIFA World Cup prize money for the winners and the runners-up?

Well, you don’t have to move mountains to find that out because we’ve done the research for you. The winners of the 2022 FIFA World Cup will receive a whopping USD 42 million. In Hong Kong currency, that amounts to a HKD 326 millionTo put that in perspective, the prize money is higher than even the net worth of many celebrities. Not to mention, the runners up too won’t be going home empty handed. While we are sure the losing team will be highly disappointed for falling just short, they can at least take some respite with their prize money. The runner ups will take home a whopping USD 30 million which in Indian currency amounts to HKD 233 million (approximately)

What about the prize money for the third place?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup also gives quite a generous prize money to the third and fourth place teams. Croatia has taken home about USD 27 million (HKD 210 million) , while Morocco, which had an absolute dream run in the tournament, took home USD 25 million (HKD 194 million).

Which teams are playing in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final?

The world cup final will see two of the best teams in the tournament facing off against each other. Both France and Argentina have been in fine form and showed absolute dominance on the field. It’s hard to say which one is the odds-on favourite, but both teams are going to bring their best game.

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