The Colombian singer revealed how she found out her ex-partner was cheating on her, and it would make even Sherlock Holmes sing “Le-do-lo-le-lo-le”. Thus begins the saga of Shakira and the jam jar.

Gluten naysayers be damned and carbs be dashed: bread is an essential part of life. It’s why when they were served “breadless bread”, the guests in The Menu started to get outraged. It’s why bread is always served at Italian restaurants. It’s why butter chicken just isn’t the same without naan.

While freshly baked bread by itself can already be heavenly, having a sweet spread to partner it with just makes it even more delectable. Whatever your choice of spread whether it’s Nutella or jam, you can’t deny that wherever, whenever, bread and spread are meant to be together.

And with that utterly cringy segue, we then come to the story of Shakira and the jam jar that unveiled her ex-partner’s infidelity. Because if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that like hips, jam jars don’t lie. Okay, I swear I’m done.

[Hero image credit: Shakira FB page]

Shakira, jam jars, and the no good, very bad day for Piqué

The Grammy winner announced her split with Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué last June, which came as a bit of a surprise since they’ve been together for 11 years and had two kids. The couple kept details of the split private in the following months. But the Colombian singer has revealed in an interview just why she had come to the decision to separate: Piqué was apparently cheating on her. How did she know? A jam jar, of course.

On the Spanish TV show Socialite, Shakira recounted how she had come home from travelling one day, opened the fridge, and discovered that the strawberry jam had been eaten. How does this reveal anything? It turns out that the singer is a big fan of strawberry jam but her footballer partner was not, and so with the powers of deduction and her expertise on the fruit spread, she came to the conclusion that someone else had eaten her sacred jam. 

A jar of strawberry jam. Sadly, not the legendary jam that helped Shakira in her investigation. (Image credit: congerdesign/Pixabay)

Far fetched? Perhaps, but her fans are eating it all up. They’re also alleging that a moment in her music video for “Te Felicito” is a reference to the whole incident. In the video, she opens the fridge to find her song collaborator Rauw Alejandro’s head there. The song’s chorus also congratulates someone for acting so well and fooling the singer. 

Shakira, cheating, and jams—it’s the perfect story for a meme, and so the internet quickly got to work. These Twitter reactions will definitely have you going waka-waka. Okay, that was the last one, I promise.

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