Suzy and Yang Se-jong are pairing up for an upcoming romantic K-drama titled Doona! to be dropped on Netflix soon. It’s a coming-of-age romantic drama revolving around a K-pop idol and an ordinary college student.

Crash Landing on You famed director Lee Jung-Hyo is all set to sweep you off your feet with another romantic drama with a stellar cast including K-pop star and actor Suzy, and K-drama heartthrob Yang.

Everything to know about Netflix’s Doona! 

Based on a popular webtoon, Doona! is an atypical love story between an ordinary college freshman and a former K-pop star.

About the cast and crew

Suzy in Doona Netflix
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Being a famous K-pop idol herself and former member of the K-pop group Miss A, Suzy is all set to dive into the titular character of the series — Doona, the main vocalist of a K-pop band with immense popularity. However, things take a turn when she suddenly announces her retirement and isolates herself in a college town share house.

Suzy has previously proven her impressive acting skills in hit K-dramas including Start-up, Anna and Uncontrollably Fond.

Yang se Jong in Doona Netflix
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Yang plays Doona’s love interest Joon — a broke college freshman who protects her from the harsh realities of life with his love, warmth and kindness. The actor is known for playing characters with an unique charm and utmost sincerity. Previously he has shown his range in different dramas including Temperature of Love, Still 17 and Dr Romantic.

The onscreen romance between Doona and Joon is to flourish under the expert supervision of director Lee, who has previously showered K-drama lovers with series such as Romance Is a Bonus Book other than Crash Landing on You.

The show is being produced by Studio Dragon, Showrunners and Studio N, and distributed by Netflix globally. K-drama lovers all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release date of this romantic series.

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Suzy Will Be Playing A Retired K-Pop Idol In New Netflix K-Drama