Five bars from Hong Kong made it to Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 51-100 rankings. This year, Singapore led with eight bars on the list.

The Pontiac, co-founded by Beckaly Franks (winner ofAltos Bartenders’ Bartender Award in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023), secured the highest ranking for the city at No.53, followed by Mizunara: The Library at No.86. Mizunara: The Library was at No.71. last year. 

Cocktail bars The Wise King (No.89) and Tell Camellia (No.97) joined the list along with resto bar Honky Tonks Tavern (No. 98). 

Seoul’s Charles H tops the 51-100 list

Leading Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 51-100 list was Charles H from Seoul. The Four Seasons Hotel bar was one of two entries from the South Korean capital, along with Pine & Co.

Asia's 50 Best Bars 2023 51-100
Charles H (Image credit: Four Seasons Hotel Seoul)

Japan maintained a solid showing with seven bars on the extended list, starting with Gold Bar (No.56) and Bar Trench (No.92) from Tokyo. Kyoto’s Bar Rocking Chair (No.81) and Nara’s The Sailing Bar (No.88) retained places on the list, while bars from new cities were represented by Osaka’s Craftroom (No.62), Okinawa’s El Lequio (No.80), and Kumamoto’s Yakoboku (No.84).

Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur had four entries each on the list. Leading entries from the Thai capital was Opium (No.59), while Kuala Lumpur’s Junglebird placed No.55.

The full Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2023 51-100 ranking

51. Charles H (Seoul)
52. To Infinity & Beyond (Taipei)
53. The Pontiac (Hong Kong)
54. Room by Le Kief (Taipei)
55. Junglebird (Kuala Lumpur)
56. Gold Bar (Tokyo)
57. Americano (Mumbai)
58. Home (New Delhi)
59. Opium (Bangkok)
60. Hoots’ (New Delhi)
61. Last Word (Singapore)
62. Craftroom (Osaka)
63. Tippling Club (Singapore)
64. The Elephant Room (Singapore)
65. Reka (Kuala Lumpur)
66. Hideaway (Goa)
67. Coley (Kuala Lumpur)
68. Asia Today (Bangkok)
69. Bitters & Co (Kathmandu)
70. Epic (Shanghai)
71. Moonrock (Tainan)
72. Pine & Co (Seoul)
73. Night Hawk (Singapore)
74. No Sleep Club (Singapore)
75. The Back Room (Manila)
76. Wishbone Bar (Semarang)
77. Three X Co (Kuala Lumpur)
78. #FindTheLockerRoom (Bangkok)
79. Offtrack (Singapore)
80. El Lequio (Okinawa)
81. Bar Rocking Chair (Kyoto)
82. Stir (Ho Chi Minh City)
83. D.Bespoke (Singapore)
84. Yakoboku (Kumamoto)
85. The Haflington (Hanoi)
86. Mizunara: The Library (Hong Kong)
87. The Odd Couple (Shanghai)
88. The Sailing Bar (Nara)
89. The Wise King (Hong Kong)
90. Union Trading Company (Shanghai)
91. Aha Saloon (Taipei)
92. Bar Trench (Tokyo)
93. Bar Mood (Taipei)
94. PCO (New Delhi)
95. Origin Grill & Bar (Singapore)
96. Enigma (Ho Chi Minh City)
97. Tell Camellia (Hong Kong)
98. Honky Tonks Tavern (Hong Kong)
99. Loft (Bangkok)
100. Barc (Kathmandu)

Stay tuned for the full list to be unveiled on July 18!

Hero and featured images credit: Tell Camellia

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