If you’re in the market for a pad perfect for corporate scheming and hi-so debauchery with a large enough shower so you can cry because your father doesn’t love you, then look no further. The apartments that belong to Succession’s Kendall and Roman Roy are for sale.

If you watch Succession and you find yourself wanting to be a Roy, then you probably need therapy. But once you get that out of the way, you’ll be glad to know that you could take a simple step towards becoming the media magnate that you always dreamed of being: by buying one of the Roy brothers’ apartments. With just a few bucks—and by “few”, I mean “a few million”—you could be the proud owner of a gorgeous New York apartment featured in HBO’s Emmy-winning show. And hey, if you’ve got a “few” more bucks, maybe you can even buy them both.

[Hero image: William Laird]

Kendall and Roman Roy’s apartments from Succession are for sale 

Roman Roy’s Upper West Side bachelor pad is located at 200 Amsterdam and occupies two floors. The penthouse, obviously located in one of New York’s most prestigious neighbourhoods, offers stunning panoramic views that include Central Park and the Hudson River. It boasts four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms with a design that’s pretty modern but also blends in touches of retro. All of this comes at a cool USD $38 million.

Meanwhile, Kendall Roy’s five-bedroom four-bathroom penthouse is located on the opposite side of the city in the Upper East Side, most likely because you want to stay as far away from your annoying brother. Located at 180 East 88th Street, this apartment is three stories, yet another thing that signifies you’re the older and better brother. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a panoramic skyline, a Central Park view, and a 3,500-square-foot outdoor space make this property worthy of a media executive. Of course, it also comes with a price tag worthy of a media executive: USD $29 million. 

Fans of Succession, or at least those with the budget to spare, should definitely get a move on if they want to nab one of these places to call home. These apartments are certainly easier to get compared to the love of a domineering and cold-hearted father. 

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