Dominating the global music scene is no easy feat, and BTS have continued to rule the industry ever since their 2013 debut. The boy band members receive rewarding paycheques for their group stints as well as individual outings, resulting in massive net worths. BTS’ Jimin is one of the most successful K-pop sensations of recent times, whose massive influence and impact on people across the globe has earned him millions of dollars.

From securing deals with Dior and Tiffany & Co. to breaking records with his debut solo album ‘FACE’, Jimin is ruling the fashion and music space. Over the years, the BTS dancer and vocalist has added a slew of lavish commodities to his collection, further shedding light on his riches.

If you’re brimming with curiosity to know about Jimin’s net worth, investments and more, read on!

What is the net worth of BTS’ Jimin?

According to a report in South China Morning Post (via Celebrity Net Worth), Jimin’s net worth stands at an estimated USD 20 million as of 2021. This figure has surely risen in recent times, especially with his collaborations with luxury brands and the release of his chart-breaking solo album.

Jimin’s luxury brand deals

After BTS announced their hiatus last year, each member has been focusing on solo careers and minting lucrative brand deals. Thanks to his incredible fashion taste, Jimin was appointed as the global brand ambassador for the French luxury house Dior. Jimin looked extremely chic and elegant in Dior’s inaugural campaign, which saw him donning pieces from their Summer 2023 collection.

According to Sk Pop, after Jimin’s appearance at the 2023 Paris Fashion Week as Dior’s representative, the brand’s EMV (earned media value) rose by 370% (about USD 35.1M), which is twice as much as Dior’s closest competitor Yves Saint Laurent.

The next big luxury outing for Jimin is his collaboration with Tiffany & Co. This made him the second K-pop idol to secure a deal with the brand after BLACKPINK’s Rose. Jimin will be attending the brand’s high-profile events and appearing in their ad campaigns soon.


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His record-breaking solo album ‘FACE’

Jimin is smashing major records with his solo album, which was released on March 24, 2023. The album sold a million copies on its first day, making Jimin the first Korean soloist to achieve this feat. Korean market tracker Hanteo Chart reported that ‘FACE’ sold 1,021,532 copies on the release day, in addition to securing the top spot on iTunes Top Album chart in 63 regions.

His album also debuted at No 2 on the Billboard 200 chart, again making him the first Korean solo artist to achieve this feat. Tracks like Set Me Free Pt.2 and Like Crazy are being loved by fans worldwide. We’re sure Jimin is making millions of dollars with his latest outing.

Jimin’s sprawling properties

According to Koreaboo, via South China Morning Post, BTS’ Jimin, along with his fellow BTS member RM, owns the most expensive apartment complex in Seoul called Nine One Hannam. The artist spent a whopping USD 5.3 million to acquire this property.

The lavish complex in Korea has amenities like party rooms, a golf course, a swimming pool as well as a fancy dining lounge where hotel chefs serve breakfast. The apartments are also home to celebrities like Bigbang’s G-Dragon, Kingdom star Jun Ji-hyun and many more.

Apart from this, Jimin also bought an old flat in Banpo Jugong worth USD 3.9 million. Located near the scenic Han River, the flat has reportedly been remodelled by the singer, further increasing its value.


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The star’s fancy car collection

All automobile enthusiasts wondering what’s in Jimin’s garage, the singer owns a Porsche Panamera GTS and a KIA Carnival. Jimin has time and again mentioned that he’s not a car fanatic. The singer said that he even got his license for formality’s sake. Therefore, his car collection is known to be limited.

  • Porsche Panamera GTS: This is the petrol variant of the Porsche Panamera lineup, starting at a price of USD 135,200. With a twin-turbocharged 4.0L V8 engine, the car races up from 0-60 MPH in just 5.3 seconds. Its luxe interiors and exteriors are beyond amazing.
  • KIA Carnival: Falling in a more affordable range, the KIA Carnival is a 7-seater MUV that starts at a price of USD 33,100. On the other hand, the loaded SX Prestige model starts at USD 46,200. With its distinctive style, spacious seats and powerful engine, the car is perfect for everyday purposes.
BTS Jimin car collection
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Jimin’s expensive outfits

BTS’ Jimin is one of the most stylish K-pop stars who often flaunts the best of luxury brands during his public outings. His statement jackets and shirts come at exorbitant prices, costing thousands of dollars. Sk Pop listed some of the most expensive clothing items worn by Jimin in the past. Have a look:

  • Shirt jacket from Gucci (USD 1,450)
  • Bomber jacket from Saint Laurent (USD 4,223)
  • Black suede jacket from Saint Laurent (USD 5,454)
  • Pullover from Chanel (USD 2,300)
  • Varsity Pullover from Chanel (USD 4,641)


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How rich is Jimin from BTS?

Answer: According to a report in South China Morning Post (via Celebrity Net Worth), Jimin's net worth stands at an estimated USD 20 million as of 2021.

Question: Who is the richest member of BTS?

Answer: According to multiple media reports, J-Hope is the richest BTS member. His net worth stands between USD 24-26 million as of 2021.

Question: How much is V's net worth?

Answer: The net worth of BTS' V is around USD 20 million, according to a 2021 South China Morning Post report.

Question: What is the net worth of BTS?

Answer: According to a 2020 Forbes report, BTS had a combined net worth of USD 50 million.

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BTS-Member Jimin’s Net Worth: Looking At His Income, Expensive Purchases And Brand Deals