Rooted in ancient Chinese culture, Feng Shui enhances the positive energy flow or ‘chi’. It is also essential in attracting wealth and abundance. The good news is that incorporating Feng Shui is as easy as playing around with certain colours and rearranging a few elements in your space. 

Colours profoundly affect your behaviour and energy levels, and it’s pertinent to choose colours based on your needs. Every colour represents a different type of energy or ‘qi’ that powers every living being. 

There are five types of energies in Feng Shui: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, each of which is represented by a colour. So how do you harness the benefits of these colours? To get you started, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to using Feng Shui colours to imbue your life with wealth and abundance.

Which Feng Shui colours attract wealth and good fortune?

The five lucky colours associated with bringing prosperity and wealth are red, purple, green, black, and blue. Each colour has a specific Feng Shui meaning and you can simply add them as decor pieces rather than altering the whole theme of your house. You can also add more of these colours to your closet.


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This colour stands for divinity, royalty, ambition, and power. In ancient times, only wealthy people could use this unique colour it to flaunt their riches. Purple is also the colour of deep water, representing wealth in Feng Shui.

How to incorporate it?

Add a little splash of colour to your home by using royal purple in combination with white and gold in your living area. You can place a purple fabric under your furniture or table or even inside your drawers if you want to keep things simple.

However, if you want to go all out, it’s recommended that you paint the southeast wall of your living room in a royal purple colour.


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In Feng Shui, blue represents the water element. The water element generates auspicious yang energy that’s particularly important for a healthy home. Blue is strongly associated with career and wealth, making it an ideal colour for an office space.

How to incorporate it?


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Apart from representing fertility and new beginnings, green attracts economic wealth. It is connected to the wood element, which is all about growth. Whether muted or vivid, green has a variety of shades to balance your home’s energy levels

How to incorporate it?

Green is the easiest colour to work around, and you can add it to your space via houseplants, a nature-themed wallpaper, faux grass or simply make it a part of your attire. Paintings or photos reflecting nature can also be great additions.


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One of the most powerful Feng Shui colours, red invites luck, prosperity, and wellness. The colour represents the fire element, which helps bring back the lost passion and inspiration to get you on the road to success.

How to incorporate it?

Red can be quite striking to the eye, and you surely don’t want it to dominate your home’s colour palette. So, play around with simpler things like a red candle, red wooden photo frames, red pillows or even red figurines. Finally, don’t forget to make heads turn by amping up your outfit with a hint of red.


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What do you get upon mixing all the colours of paint together? A deep rich black, which is all-inclusive and contains characteristics of a variety of colours. Just like blue, the colour black belongs to the water element which equals money in Feng Shui.

How to incorporate it?

Black has a commanding presence and captures the energy of all other colours in the spectrum, so it should be dealt with carefully. Start small by having minimal touches of black in every room and make sure the items you’re using are pure black. Use black rugs, black crockery or even black clocks or cushions. If your sole objective is to attract wealth, round black objects are most effective.

When it comes to clothing, we all know how black screams elegance. From an all-black co-ord set to a little black dress or casual black denim and shirt, there are endless ways to style black clothes.

Best Feng Shui tips to attract abundance

  • Design a wealth corner

The idea of having a space only for attracting money sounds luring, right? According to The Spruce, the Feng Shui energy map or ‘Bagua’ has an area dedicated to garnering wealth. Callen ‘Xun’ in Chinese, this area should be in the top left corner of any space. For example, when you stand at your bedroom door or the main entrance door to your home, the far left back corner will be the wealth corner.

To create your wealth corner, use elements like purple accessories, paint, or furniture, living green houseplants or a money frog.

  • Use citrine crystals

This crystal attracts wealth and good health. It has the unique power of clearing your home of bad energies and encourages only the flow of money. Either use the crystal pieces in the wealth corner of your space or simply carry one in your wallet.

  • Beautify the entrance of your home

Not only does a beautiful entryway look appealing to the eye, but also attracts all energies in the form of opportunities and wealth into your lives. To attract these aspects, make sure to clean your entry area regularly. Place a beautiful entry mat and check if your door frame and number plate are in good condition. Additionally, make sure to walk through your front door at least once a day.

  • Keep a bowl of oranges

Flaunt a basket of oranges in your living room or kitchen to invite auspicious energy and wealth to your abode. Just like Feng Shui, oranges also originated in China and represent good luck and abundance.

  • Ensure your stove is in great condition

The stove represents your resources and prosperity in Feng Shui, making it pertinent to keep it up to the mark. Make sure the appliance is clean and all the burners are working. Also, use it every day to activate the fire element that attracts prosperity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the most popular element of Feng Shui?

Answer: There are five types of elements in Feng Shui, namely- fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each element has a number of characteristics to improve your energy.

Question: How to improve wealth Feng Shui?

Answer: There are a number of ways to attract wealth in Feng Shui. These include creating a wealth corner, using citrine crystals as well as beautifying the entrance of your home.

Question: What is the beauty of Feng Shui?

Answer: The practice of Feng Shui is known to increase the positive energy flow or 'chi' just by arranging or incorporating objects in your surroundings in a certain way.

Question: What does orange symbolize in Feng Shui?

Answer: Orange is an outgoing Feng Shui colour, which boosts creativity, conversation and connection.

Question: Why is citrine good for you?

Answer: Citrine is specifically great in Feng Shui as it attracts wealth and good health.

Question: Where is the wealth corner in Feng Shui?

Answer: The wealth area should be in the top left corner of any space. For example, when you stand at your bedroom door or the main entrance door to your home, the far left back corner will be the wealth corner.

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Feng Shui Colours To Add To Your House For Wealth And Prosperity