The moon, in astrology, governs our mood and deepest instincts. While its position in a person’s birth chart determines their overall emotional construct and spiritual well-being, the lunar cycle, especially the new moon and full moon, affects mental health, love and romance and appeals to a person’s subconscious mind. The full moon can also influence one’s zodiac sign.

According to Western astrology, the moon is often associated with feminine energy and is said to play a crucial role in a person’s fertility. While as humans, we are constantly negotiating the outer world and trying to co-exist in this universe, the moon depicts an inner world which is deeply personal to us. Therefore, its waning and waxing have positive and negative effects on our moods, decision-making and consequently, our lives.

We typically use our sun sign to decode our personalities, but looking at our moon sign is important, too. But how is our moon sign decided? The moon and other planets’ positions at the exact time of our birth are used to determine this. A clear analysis of our personality and inclinations in deciding the life path is then made.

What is a full moon and how does it affect the 12 zodiacs?

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The sun in our solar system is a light-emitting star. The light from the sun bounces off the surface of the moon, which becomes moonlight from the earth’s vantage point. Just as the moon revolves around the sun, we get to see the illuminated side of the moon facing the earth. These are the following phases of the moon: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, New Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter and Waning Crescent.

While a new moon denotes a fresh start, a full moon is said to probe the animal out of a person. It is a time of extreme passion, and it is revered greatly in witchcraft as a period for transformation, manifestation and climax.

Not just that, the full moon greatly affects all 12 zodiac signs intensely and in different ways. So, when is the next full moon going to occur?

The year 2023 has over 13 full moons coming up in various houses, starting from Cancer in January to Gemini in November and again, with Cancer in December.

Here is a complete guide on all the full moons in 2023

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January: Wolf Moon (6 January)
January: Wolf Moon (6 January)

Emotions will take a front seat in the full moon of January, which falls in the house of Cancer. Moon, on its own, attracts the innermost feelings of your soul and its waxing to its maximum capacity in the house of the most emotional of all 12 zodiac signs, Cancer will focus on the subconscious. A time will arrive in the lives of all 12 zodiacs when a major decision will be taken with a matter of the heart. Waves of nostalgia will hit us, and we will naturally gravitate more towards our families.

One is required to invest time in decoding one’s inner feelings and not make the mistake of dismissing them when the moon is in the house of Cancer.

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February: Snow Moon (5 February)
February: Snow Moon (5 February)

February is one of the coldest months in the northern hemisphere, and hence, this name. The Snow Moon falls in the house of Leo. This is a good sign because even though this zodiac, denoted by the lion, seeks attention, they also are generous and ambitious. The zodiacs will find themselves being expressive and productive. They will be reassured because it is a Leo’s trait to seek validation. A tip is to give in to your adventurous instincts in this period, but it is best to steer clear from confrontations which could lead to messy fights.

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March: Worm Moon (7 March)
March: Worm Moon (7 March)

The full moon in March symbolises the end of winter and the beginning of summer. It gives a chance to reassess and reinvent and what’s more? The Worm Moon falls in the house of the diligent Virgo. It is the best time to organise your life and take measured decisions, as well as indulge in precision and perfection in all aspects of your life.

Cautionary warning: You might feel a bit too self-critical around this time.

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April: Pink Moon (6 April)
April: Pink Moon (6 April)

This full moon is named after a beautiful flower called Wild Ground Phlox, which is one of the earliest blooms of the season in the regions of North America and Canada. The flower is pink in colour and quite fittingly, this is the moon that signifies love. Pink Moon comes in the house of Libra, which is ruled by the planet of love and romance, Venus. Old, worn-out interpersonal questions will be refreshed and romance will bloom. One will feel sensitive to others’ feelings. A hot tip for all zodiacs, listen to your intuitions for they will come from a place of both, the head and the heart.

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May: Flower Moon (5 May)
May: Flower Moon (5 May)

The full moon in spring is, of course, the Flower Moon. This is usually a gregarious period for earthly beings as it is a pleasant summertime, but the Flower Moon rises in the house of Scorpio — a zodiac of trepidation and intensity. This full moon might put all the zodiacs in an uncomfortable position, as they will be propelled to see and accept some uncomfortable truths in their lives.

Just like in the Pink Moon, you will feel instinctive about certain situations and people in your life, but unlike April’s full moon, it will be difficult to understand slightly negative connotations. You will not prioritise pleasing people and would focus more inwardly but also make sure to not go to extremes.

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June: Strawberry Moon (4 June)
June: Strawberry Moon (4 June)

Named after the strawberry season, this moon is all about taking initiative and being assertive in life. The moon falls in the house of Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. One can get a lot accomplished if they set their mind to it during this period because the universe will encourage all their ambitious endeavours.

All zodiacs will bask in the warm, free-spirited energy of the Sagittarius in the June full moon.

A word of caution, however, is to make the best of the opportunities while this period lasts.

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July: Super Buck Moon (3 July)
July: Super Buck Moon (3 July)

July is the month of Cancer, and the full moon in this month falls in the house of Capricorn. This calls for a merging of two opposing energies, which creates an interesting balance between emotion and ambition for all the zodiacs. While the Cancerian trait is that of proving emotional nurturing, a Capricorn’s instinct is that of independence and goal-oriented behaviour. One will reach out to their inner strength and find stability during this period. Trust your at-times opposing instincts, and you will be golden.

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August: Super Sturgeon Moon (1 August)
August: Super Sturgeon Moon (1 August)

This supermoon is in the house of Aquarius and during this time, it is closest to the earth. Unbridled, radical energy will grip all zodiacs. Do not hold yourselves back during this full moon because this period will broaden your horizons mentally, and you might also feel the need to assess important relationships in life and come to some sort of conclusion regarding them.

Do not be afraid to set your mind free on the supermoon.

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August: Super Blue Moon (31 August)
August: Super Blue Moon (31 August)

The second full moon in August is in the house of Pisces. This blue moon will awaken the spiritual side of the zodiac and will also provide them with calm and pure energy to deal with life situations. Since this full moon falls on the last day of August, there is Virgo energy at play, which will demand perfection and structure, while the vibe of the Pisces full moon will be of enlightenment. The key here is to stop overthinking things outside one’s control and remain calm and unbothered.

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September: The Harvest Moon (29 September)
September: The Harvest Moon (29 September)

The moon is named after the harvest season, and it falls in the house of Aries. Fiery, impulsive and emotionally reactive, this period might passionately affect the zodiacs. It is important to not let oneself jump to conclusions or make any permanent decisions which would affect one’s life in a long-term manner.

Since this full moon occurs in the sun sign of Libra, there will also be balancing energies complementing the Arian impulse. It is recommended to lie low and take a breather before rushing into anything during this time frame.

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October: Hunter’s Moon (28 October)
October: Hunter’s Moon (28 October)

Shining bright in the house of Taurus, the full moon in this earth sign will propel you to be stable and steadfast in your approach. This full moon gets this name because this time is good to indulge in outdoor activities like hunting and camping. Big, bright and red, this full moon comes in the sun sign of Scorpio, which is known for its depth and intensity. Taurus’ earthy steadiness will offset Scorpio’s intuition, and the results will be positive for all the zodiacs. A tip is to not be stubborn during this period and adapt to changes.

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November: Beaver Moon (27 November)
November: Beaver Moon (27 November)

This full moon ushers in the cold months of winter and falls in the house of Gemini. This air sign will make all zodiacs want to socialise more. One might also feel spaced out and unsure about some of your life situations. This is not a good time to forge romantic connections but rather to enjoy time with trusted pals instead. The sun sign of Sagittarius, which rules this period, also encourages this free-spirited and fun-loving energy. It is necessary though to use this period to think things through and not take any big decisions because you might be feeling more confused than usual.

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December: Cold Moon (27 December)
December: Cold Moon (27 December)

The final full moon of 2023 is in the house of Cancer. This means more emphasis will be on your loved ones, and you would be taking care of your emotional needs more than anything else. This festive period will let you huddle in close with your family and ring in a much-needed end to the year.

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Different Full Moons In 2023 And Their Impact On The 12 Zodiac Signs