Are you someone who looks for answers to questions that transcend the practical realm of thinking? Do you feverishly check your horoscope to see what the future holds or seek insight into immediate predictions, such as gauging your boss’s mood for the day? If so, here is something that might excite you. Besides the 12 zodiac signs, planetary positions, constellations and tarot readings, there is yet another dimension to standard divinatory practices — numerology. It uses numerology numbers to interpret the universe and the role that individuals play within it.

Numerology is often employed by fortune tellers to fine-tune their predictions by studying the link between numbers, letters and patterns. Numerologists most commonly use one’s life path number to calculate and predict their overall fate. Although this might sound a bit complicated, it is just about adding a more nuanced layer to readings based on one’s zodiac sign. The possibility that a simple arithmetic equation might give you answers to your life’s most challenging puzzles makes numerology so appealing to those who believe in it.

Wondering how numerology emerged and why people are eager to find their ‘lucky number’ and use it in various ways — from number plates to house numbers? Well, what if we told you that Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras had something to do with it?

Numerology: Evolution story

Numerology Number
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The study of determining the life path number, which is an important aspect of numerology, is based on reducing an individual’s birth date to a digit. The concept of assigning a numerical value to letters and reducing any number to a single digit was Pythagoras’s brainchild. This led to the formation of the Western branch of numerology. Other numerological rules we follow today have evolved over the centuries from Jewish Kabbalistic philosophy, Babylon’s Chaldean philosophy and the work of 20th-century philosopher L. Dow Balliett.

It is believed that a single path number has powerful, mystic vibrations that determine an individual’s life.

How to find your life path number

Numerology Number
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So, what is this life path number? It is the sum of all the numbers constituting your birthdate. For example, if your birthdate is 6 April 1990, you would reduce each component of this date to a single digit and add them up. In this case, since 6 and 4 are single-digit numbers, simply consider them as 6 + 4 for the calculation. The larger number 1990 is reduced to 1+9+9+0 = 19. Since 19 is again a double-digit number, break it down by adding 1 and 9, which gives us 10. Break it down further by adding 1 and 0, which leaves us with 1. Now, add the three single-digit values to get one root or core number, which is your final life path number.

In this case, the result is 6+4+1 = 11.

While one would typically reduce a double-digit number like this to a single-digit one, numerology reveres certain numbers — 11, 22 and 33 — as masters. When you get these as your core number, you need not reduce them further.

Successfully calculated your life path number? Now, it’s time to find out how these numbers can guide you ahead.

Life path numbers and master numbers: What do they say about you?

Numerology Number
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Path numbers

Numerology assigns unique energies to numbers from one to nine. Based on this, we can predict a person’s nature, destiny, way of interacting with others, and also their romantic and professional lives. Here is what they denote.

Numerology Number 1

Often lonely at the top, those belonging to the numero uno category are highly successful, self-motivated and assertive individuals who sometimes crave more meaningful and deeper interpersonal relationships with family and friends. These pioneering souls have energetic and spirited personalities and are hyper-independent.

Famous celebrities: Scarlett Johansson, Larry King and Calvin Klein

Numerology Number 2

Have you noticed someone trying to pacify and diffuse the situation every time there’s trouble at work or at home? Chances are their life path number is 2. They tend to be peace-loving, non-confrontational people with a calm demeanour. They like to neutralise intense energies with their quiet attitude. The flip side of being oversensitive and empathetic is that such personalities tend to look for validation from external sources and often feel disgruntled by the lack of the same.

Famous celebrities: Kobe Bryant, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson and Melanie Brown

Numerology Number 3

The number three is powerful in numerology because it symbolises creativity and the power of expression. Master communicators by nature, individuals born under number three love to bond with others and are likely to get into community service. Natural givers, these personalities have the power to inspire others through their work. Hence, they make for eminent artists.

One of their slightly negative traits is that they tend to get overwhelmed easily, withdraw into a shell, or become moody. However, because of their innate creativity and likeability factor in their personalities, they bounce back with a bit of self-reflection.

Famous celebrities: Christina Aguilera, Hillary Clinton, Cameron Diaz, Vin Diesel, Celine Dion and Snoop Dogg

Numerology Number 4

Want one word for people belonging to this number? Try, rooted. A person born under this earthy number is well-balanced and highly disciplined in life. They like routine and order above anything else. Playing by the rules keeps them going, and they project a practical approach towards everything in life. They do not like taking risks and are too comfortable in the meticulous world created for them. It takes a lot for them to loosen up.

Famous celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Clint Eastwood, Roger Ebert and Bill Gates

Numerology Number 5

There is never a dull moment when one is hanging out with a fun-loving and adventurous personality pertaining to the number 5. Their restless energy is so infectious that it is hard not to get swayed by their explorer spirit. Progressive and pragmatic, they are sure an interesting bunch. However, underneath this fun persona lies their natural tendency to not conform to rules, which can be perceived by their close ones as a lack of prioritisation of their core responsibilities.

Famous celebrities: George Clooney, David Copperfield, Tom Cruise and Eminem

Numerology Number 6

Nurturing, compassionate, supportive — people belonging to this number could be branded as the ‘parents’ of all numbers. Their healing energy makes them protective and loving towards all. This also gives them an edge in becoming leaders of the group. It is, however, easy for them to get a bit overbearing and controlling.

Famous celebrities: Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Browning and George W. Bush

Numerology Number 7

There is a lot of mysticism attached to the lucky number seven in numerology. People belonging to this number are deep and inquisitive. However, they are also fussy and fastidious. They like to structure and control their lives according to their understanding of the world. Their nature is a blend of practicality along with an astute understanding of human emotions. Having said this, they get easily flummoxed if things do not go as planned.

Famous celebrities: Heath Ledger, Hugh Grant, Jack Black, Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley

Numerology Number 8

Money, power and success are the buzzwords for those born under this number. People belonging to number eight are unabashedly materialistic in their approach to life. They love everything in abundance and are not afraid to scale great professional heights to achieve this. At times, they could get too self-absorbed with their goal-oriented behaviour, much to the chagrin of their loved ones.

Famous celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Pablo Picasso, Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock

Numerology Number 9

The final number on the list belongs to people who have it in them to see any journey through. Wised up by experiences they have been through, those belonging to this number have a transformative aura about themselves and are thoughtful. Similar to the last zodiac sign, Pisces, the people belonging to number nine might come across as disconnected from reality.

Famous celebrities: Mother Teresa, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone

Master numbers

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Master numbers 11, 22 and 33 are more intense than the single-digit numbers and have a high vibrational aura. They are dubbed “master numbers” as they are believed to represent a higher level of consciousness and the ability to access spiritual wisdom and insight.

Master number 11

People born under this master number are the more intense manifestations of people belonging to the number two of numerology. Considered to be healers by nature, these people are connected to spirituality, believe in achieving enlightenment and have the emotional and mental strength to transcend to the subconscious level of the mind.

Famous celebrities: Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel

Master number 22

An advanced version of number four, people belonging to the number 22 are very practical, industrious and well-placed in the material world. These high achievers like to build and create a legacy for their future generations. Steadfast in their approach, they toil quietly till they accomplish their mission.

Famous celebrities: Keanu Reeves, Woody Allen and Oprah Winfrey

Master number 33

Taking the learnings from their past experiences, people with this master number are immensely reflective. They can arrive at any life decision with a clear head and a wise point of view. They are visionaries in their own right and oriented towards community service. Spiritually powerful, inherently selfless and positive, people belonging to the master number 33 achieve great things for themselves and everyone associated with them.

Famous celebrities: Francis Ford Coppola, John Lennon and Thomas Edison

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is my personal year number in numerology?

Answer: To calculate the personal year number in numerology, you must add your date of birth, month of birth and the current year. Adding these and reducing them to a single digit will give you your personal number.

Question: What is personal number 7 in numerology?

Answer: People with number 7 have a drive to achieve spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. They are all about self-growth and are highly evolved.

Question: What is the numerology number by date of birth?

Answer: Numerology according to the date of birth is the process of calculating the path number to evaluate one's personality by taking their birthdate into account.

Question: How do I calculate my numerology chart?

Answer: To calculate the numerology chart, you have to know your life path number. It is the sum of all the numbers constituting your birthdate reduced to a single digit.

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