In the chilling world of horror, Talk to Me emerged as a standout film this year, sending shivers down the spines of horror movie buffs around the world. With the recent news of the film’s digital release in October 2023, following the announcement of a potential sequel in 2024, fans have a lot more to look forward to in A24’s Talk to Me universe. Well, we can add one more exciting (or terrifying?) thing to that list. 

A24 just unleashed the Talk to Me Party Hand replica in honour of the film’s digital release and it’s sending fans into a frenzy! The Party Hand can be used as a smoking device or incense burner and is currently available for sale.   

So, if you’re interested in innovative ways of spooking people out at the upcoming Halloween parties, here’s everything you need to know about this cool new prop drop and how to RSVP for your invitation to the other side.

More about the A24 ‘Talk to Me’ Party Hand prop 

talk to me hand
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Within the film‘s eerie narrative, this mysterious prop is believed to be the embalmed hand of a powerful medium who used to conjure spirits. The concept is simple yet spine-chilling: hold the hand and say the words ‘talk to me’ aloud and you’ll end up inviting whatever supernatural entities dare to cross over. You can then release the hand or allow the spirit to possess you. It’s a unique take on a viral party game that’s sure to give you goosebumps.

Crafted by the talented folks at Craighill, this life-sized ceramic Talk to Me Party Hand isn’t your ordinary collectable as it also doubles as an exquisite display piece that can add an intriguing touch to your home decor. Additionally, it can be used as a smoking device or incense burner.

Where can you buy the ‘Talk to Me’ Party Hand collectable?

talk to me hand

Ready to welcome this eerie masterpiece into your world? Well, you can grab the Talk to Me Party Hand collectable from A24’s online shop. The hand weighs three pounds and measures eight and a half inches in height, eight and a half inches in length and four inches in depth.

How much does the Party Hand cost? 


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The thrilling Talk to Me Party Hand collectable is priced at a sweet USD 110 (HKD 860). It will start getting shipped to customers by November 30.

The horror continues: More about the ‘Talk to Me’ sequel and digital release

talk to me hand

Talk to Me is now available on digital platforms, with a 4K and Blu-ray release scheduled for October 3, 2023. The horror train doesn’t stop there – a sequel titled Talk 2 Me has already been ordered by A24, slated to unleash terror sometime in 2024 or 2025.

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You Can Now Interact With The Creepy Party Hand From ‘Talk To Me’