After nearly three years of border closures, Hong Kong is ready to lure in the crowds that once packed its streets. And none other than the city’s flagship carrier, Cathay Pacific, is leading the charge by handing out free tickets. The airline has been rolling out several giveaways since March 2023. In their latest instalment, the airline offers return tickets to Hong Kong from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Dubai. 

The airline will hand out 5,590 economy round-trip tickets to travellers from Dubai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kathmandu, and Dhaka in a lucky draw campaign that goes live on May 22 and closes on May 28. 

Here’s how to win Cathay Pacific free flight tickets

Cathay Pacific is handing out 4,260 and 650 tickets to travellers from India and Dubai, respectively. In addition, about 340 tickets will be up for grabs for visitors from Nepal and Bangladesh.

To qualify for the tickets, you must sign up on the Cathay Pacific website and become a member. Make sure that your registration name matches the name on your passport. The lucky dray campaign rolls out on May 22, so make sure that you log onto the website at 12 pm local time to catch the offer as soon as it is out. 

The lucky draw winners will be announced via email and on the campaign website on June 7. If you win, you will receive a redemption code via email, which you must use to book the tickets. 

Note: The relevant taxes and surcharges will be at the traveller’s cost.

Cathay Pacific free flights

Tickets will be valid for nine months

While tickets will be valid for travel to Hong Kong for up to nine months, winners must use their redemption code within a month of receiving the mail. The minimum stay period for travellers from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh is two days, and the maximum stay period is seven days. Visitors from Dubai can book stays between two days to one month.

Cathay Pacific has been distributing tickets from several countries, thanks to the Hello Hong Kong and World of Winners initiatives. Offers from the UK, Europe, South Korea, the US, and Canada are already live on the website.

Are you ready to say ‘hello’ to Hong Kong? Sign up on the airline’s website now.

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