After two years of chopping and changing rules, Hong Kong is set to lift its final travel restrictions. The Hong Kong government announced that visitors to the city would no longer require to undergo the “0+3” medical surveillance period.

With this, Hong Kong ended travel-related Covid-19 restrictions, as the authorities had earlier lifted mandatory hotel quarantine for tourists.

Hong Kong lifts travel restrictions, scraps the amber code requirement

As Hong Kong ends the amber health code requirement, visitors in the city can move around freely. This means that all incoming travellers testing negative can enter restaurants, gyms and beauty parlours. ⁠Additionally, residents will no longer need to scan QR codes with their “Leave Home Safe” app. However, they would still need to present their vaccination records to designated venues.

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Travellers will receive a blue or red code

As Hong Kong scraps the rules, it effectively adopts the “0+0” regime. Arrivals will still need to take a PCR test upon arrival and on their third day in the city. They will also require taking the RAT test for three consecutive days. All incoming travellers who test negative upon arrival will receive a blue code allowing them to move freely in the city. However, arriving passengers testing positive for COVID will get a red health code and follow the usual isolation protocols.

As Hong Kong continues to reopen, the city has finally lifted its blanket restrictions on international travel. So finally, that long-awaited family reunion might be a reality for those outside the city. And for the rest of the world, travel to Hong Kong is back on. The move is great news for families hoping to travel during the Lunar New Year, which starts in January. The Lunar New Year is a popular holiday in Hong Kong, and the changes have been timed to help families make travel plans without additional requirements.

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So, are you dreaming of packing your suitcase already?

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Hong Kong Is Finally Ending Its ‘0+3’ Travel Restriction For International Arrivals