Dearest gentle reader, Lady Whistledown is back in our lives and taking a trip down memory lane. Shonda Rhimes’ Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story has a thought-provoking storyline summed up in six episodes, shot across England. We are looking back at the filming locations of this Bridgerton prequel.

The show details the journey of Charlotte, who was born into one of the royal families of Germany and eventually became the Queen of Great Britain at the age of 17 after marrying King Charles III who was 22 at that time. True to its character, this prequel also showcases grand carriages and Victorian outfits, along with some palatial backdrops.

From a worldly palace in England’s Oxfordshire to creating the Chapel Royal in one of Oxford University’s colleges, the Bridgerton story’s filming locations include many landmarks of England.

Before we get to the sites that feature prominently in the show, here’s a look at the ones that appear for a few moments but are equally beautiful. Dorney Court in Buckinghamshire is the Danbury estate; Ditton Manor in Slough made for the outdoors of the Mirow Castle (Queen Charlotte’s home in Germany); Wilton House represented some of St. James’ Palace and Mirow Castle’s interiors; Hackney Empire, London, is where the opera scenes of all three Bridgerton series were shot, and the Queen’s House in Greenwich portrayed the Royal College of Physicians where Dr John Monro was introduced.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story filming locations to bookmark

The exterior of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire is portrayed as the imperial Buckingham House, currently addressed as Buckingham Palace. Starting from the scene of Queen Charlotte and King George entering the palace on the first night of their marriage (episode 1) to the majestic background of the show’s final grand ball (episode 6), the palace draws the most spotlight as one of the significant filming locations in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story series.

Additionally, two more landmarks of England were included while shooting the house’s interiors — Hatfield House in Hertfordshire (also seen in Netflix’s The Crown and the Jonas Brothers’ music video ‘Sucker’) and Hampton Court Palace in Richmond (previously seen in both the seasons of Bridgerton). 

A treasure of Baroque architecture, home to the 12th Duke of Marlborough as well as the birthplace of Winston Churchill (a British statesman and former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Blenheim Palace stands as one of the finest UNESCO World Heritage Sites, furnished with a rich legacy.

Other famous series or films shot at Blenheim Palace: Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), The Young Victoria (2009), Cinderella (2015), Cinderella (2021), Transformer: The Last Knight (2017), Housefull 4 (2019)

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From the second episode onwards, the King is seen spending most of his time in Kew Palace. In reality, the location is Lincolnshire’s Belton House, where scenes like Dr Monro’s lab were also filmed.

Furthermore, the location is also filmed as King George’s Garden, the Kew Observatory, and the Buckingham House Orangery. The exterior of the observatory is filmed in the estate whereas the interiors are filmed at Shinfield Studios where a separate set showcasing the giant telescope and iconic art statues was built.

Belton House is a National Trust property dotted with formal gardens, 1300 acres of parkland, a well-stocked library, an adventure playground and a cafe.

Other famous series or films shot at Belton House: Pride and Prejudice (1995), The Buccaneers (1995), Moondial (1988)

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The Merton College, comprising 17th-century buildings and a 13th-century chapel – one of the most prestigious and beautiful colleges of Oxford University, is where the royal wedding ceremony of the king and the queen (episode 1) was filmed. This college proved to be one of the most spectacular choices to portray the Chapel Royal in St. James’ Palace, given the seats are facing each other instead of straight up at the altar.

Other famous series or films shot at Merton College: History Boys (2006), Brideshead Revisited (2008), The Quiet Ones (2014), Testament of Youth (2014)

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The scenes between Violet Ledger (Connie Jenkins-Greig) and her father Lord Ledger (Keir Charles) are filmed in Buckinghamshire’s grand Waddesdon Manor. Additionally, most of the scenes exhibiting the blooming romance between Lady Danbury and Lord Ledger along with several other outdoor areas are also shot in this country house.

This National Trust’s property is a magnificent French Renaissance-style castle consisting of a voluminous art collection, a huge woodland playground, a bird sanctuary, and scenic gardens. When in England, make it a point to explore Waddesdon Manor, one of the most-visited estates in England.

Other famous series or films shot at Waddesdon Manor: Carry On Don’t Lose Your Head (1966), James Bond Never Say Never Again (1983), Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows (2011), The Crown (2016)

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Located between Eastbourne and Brighton in East Sussex, Firle Place is also one of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’s filming locations. It represents the Ledger property which, in the series was the home of Violet Bridgerton before she got married. The several Georgian rooms and an eye-catching staircase are also a part of some scenes.

This country residence has been the Gage family’s (Descendants of John Gage – a Baronet of Firle Place) home for more than 500 years. Presently, the property is owned by Henry Nicholas – the 8th Viscount and his family. Seasonally, visitors are allowed to tour the house.

Other famous series or films shot at Firle Place: Firelight (1997), The Return of the Soldier (1982), The Line of Beauty (2006)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Where is Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story filmed?

Answer: Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was filmed in England. The locations included Blenheim Palace, Belton House, Merton College, Waddesdon Manor, Firle Place, Dorney Court, Ditton Manor, Wilton House, Hampton Court Palace, Hackney Empire, Queen’s House, and Hatfield House.

Question: Where were Bridgerton scenes filmed?

Answer: Bridgerton scenes were filmed in parts of Blenheim Palace, Belton House, Merton College, Waddesdon Manor, Firle Place, Dorney Court, Ditton Manor, Wilton House, Hampton Court Palace, Hackney Empire, Queen’s House, and Hatfield House.

Question: Was the Bridgerton series filmed at Buckingham Palace?

Answer: No, the Bridgerton series weren't filmed at Buckingham Palace. The real location was Blenheim Palace, which portrayed the Buckingham Palace in the series.