Netflix’s new sensation Jenna Ortega is all over the news, and for a good reason. One of the biggest sportswear companies in the world, Adidas, has named Ortega as its global face for a soon-to-be-launched label named ‘Adidas Sportswear.’

This is a remarkable moment for both the actor and the brand because Adidas is launching a new label for the first time in 50 years. As per a release, the brand said that “Ortega’s progressive persona and relentless pursuit of creativity make her one of the most exciting trailblazers of her generation and the ideal partner to join the family as the face of its new label.”

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Here’s what Ortega says about joining the Adidas family

As per a statement shared by the Wednesday star, she is elated to be a part of this iconic brand, she said, “My love for adidas is one that goes back years. It’s always had such a presence in sport, music and culture and continues to be an innovator in so many ways. Growing up for me it always had to be adidas sneakers and tees as the go-to, to this day so much of my wardrobe is made up of the iconic three stripes. I feel so honoured to become a part of this legendary family of changemakers and be the face of its all-new label. Can’t wait to show you guys.”

Adidas has hinted that Ortega’s creative genius coupled with the brand’s authentic style is sure to make the new label fashion-forward and relevant to the new generation.

Brian Grevy, executive board member of Adidas, said in a statement, “At Adidas, we are constantly looking at ways we can push the boundaries in both sport and culture, which is why it’s so exciting that we can announce Jenna Ortega has joined us, to launch our first new label in 50 years. A progressive and passionate next-generation pioneer that is making waves across the globe, her fresh and creative way of thinking is what we, as a brand, found ourselves on and continue to be inspired by. We can’t wait to unveil what’s to come from this special partnership, very soon!”

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Jenna Ortega Made Brand Ambassador For Adidas’ New Label