T.O.P of BIGBANG has officially launched T’SPOT wine, revealing his new wine label on Instagram. Here’s what we know about T’SPOT so far.

T’SPOT, welcome to the world.

This past March, Choi Seung Hyun — the artist better known as T.O.P of Korean music phenom BIGBANG — made a number of interesting reveals to our sister publication Prestige Hong Kong, especially when it came to his future plans, including a solo album and a film on the way, plus an NFT project and that he’s turning a long and well-documented love for fine wine into creating his own label to share with his fans.

“I hope to share my passion for wine with as many people as possible,” said the artist on Instagram.

tspot wine
Image credits: Instagram

Making his return to the public eye after five years, Choi has been sporadically taking advantage of social media to reveal hints and more about what’s to come. Following the release of BIGBANG’s comeback single, “Still Life”, Choi has become especially active — it seems he’s finally ready to show the world what he’s been working on: T’SPOT, his new wine.

5 things we know about T.O.P’s new wine, T’SPOT

T’SPOT is the name of T.O.P’s new wine

In addition to the information above, a little bit of sleuthing shows there’s already an account, @tspotwine. Currently, the account features a large grid image of the name and the artwork by Kohei Nawa.

Tspot wine
Image credits: Instagram

T’SPOT’s art is designed by Kohei Nawa

When Choi told Prestige Hong Kong that he would be launching a new wine, he added that the label will be designed by his friend and collaborator, the Japanese artist Kohei Nawa. Now that the bottle has been revealed, the label design, a Nawa piece titled ‘Direction #50’, has been revealed as well.

Image credits: Instagram

The wines are produced in France

While Choi mentioned in his Prestige interview that the wine will be produced in France, based on Choi’s Instagram post, T’SPOT is a 2017 Bordeaux that has been personally curated by the artist and produced in France by Thunevin.

Thunevin refers to Jean-Luc Thunevin Selections, a modern winemaker based in Saint-Emillion. Described as the “Bordeaux ‘Bad Boy'”, Thunevin sounds like a good fit for T.O.P, the rapper who once called himself the same.

Courtesy: Prestige Hong Kong

T.O.P’s wines will be affordable — and support the arts

In his interview, Choi stated that he hopes to make the wine “as affordable as he can”, with a portion of proceeds going to supporting an arts foundation.

“It started when I was going through some tough times, as a way to pay back fan support. I came up with this idea that I wanted to share some good wines at a reasonable price. It doesn’t have to be only for certain people out there — I want to share with everyone,” said Choi.

T’SPOT will likely be available in winter 2022

“Winter 2022” appears in both T.O.P’s announcement post and in the official T’SPOT Instagram account, indicating a likely release date — though it remains unclear when and specifically where the wines will be available.

Lifestyle Asia has reached out for more information on T’SPOT — watch this space for more info.

(Images: Prestige Hong Kong / @choi_seung_hyun_tttop)

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