The much-anticipated action and zombie game Wanted: Dead came out on 14 February 2023. The single-player game is a fresh hybrid slasher/shooter by Soleil, the developers of games like Ninja Gaiden, Samurai Jack and Dead or Alive.

‘Wanted: Dead’ – Become part of Hong Kong’s Zombie Unit

Published by 110 Industries, Wanted: Dead features gory sequences and action-packed gameplay as you become a member of Hong Kong’s Zombie Unit. Donning the character of Lt. Hannah Stone, the game tasks you with the responsibility of uncovering a major corporate conspiracy.

What Twitter has to say about the new zombie game

Twitterati had a mixed response after the release of the video game. While some expressed excitement about its hack-and-slash gameplay, others were disappointed with its storyline, glitches, inaccurate AI and weak plot. A couple of Twitter users even revealed the difficulties they faced while streaming the entire tutorial. This is surprising given that it has been designed by popular names in the industry who have pioneered the concept of hack-and-slash games.

For further information about the game, head to Soleil’s official website. The game is currently available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is Wanted: Dead?

Answer: Developed by Soleil and released on 14 February 2023, Wanted: Dead is an action-based game.

Question: Is Wanted: Dead a multiplayer game?

Answer: Wanted: Dead is a single-player game which was released on 14 February 2023.

Question: Can I play Wanted: Dead on Xbox?

Answer: Yes, the new hybrid slasher/shooter game, Wanted: Dead is available on both the Xbox One as well as the Xbox Series X|S.

Question: Which are the best zombie games to play on Xbox?

Answer: State of Decay, Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dying Light and World War Z are some of the best zombie games that you can play on the Xbox.

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‘Wanted: Dead’ Review: What Twitter Has To Say About The Hong-Kong Based Zombie Game