“tWitch, you want to know my favourite thing that we’ve added.” “What’s your favourite thing, Ellen?” “It’s you.” He wasn’t just Ellen DeGeneres’ chosen but was the viewers’ favourite too. From playing groovy music to dancing like no was watching, Stephen Boss aka tWitch was adored by the masses for his jolly good’ ol nature.

The news of the 40-year-old DJ’s death has come as a shocker for the entertainment industry and his fans at large. The Alabama native died by suicide in a hotel room in Los Angeles, stated multiple news reports.

Stephen Laurel Boss better known as tWitch or DJ tWitch became a household name long before he became a part of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show. tWitch who started dancing at the age of 16 came in second on the reality dance show So You Think You Can Dance Season 4. From starting as a choreographer to becoming a DJ and then becoming a co-host on the Ellen show, DJ tWitch was an inspiration to many. In the words of his wife, Allison Holker, ‘he lit up every room he stepped into’ and we couldn’t agree more.

tWitch: Stephen Boss

tWitch on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

After his stint on the reality dance show So You Think You Can Dance, DeGeneres caught sight of the young dancer in 2010 and got acquainted with him while he was part of ‘Dance’ and worked with the American comedian on a routine. Three years later, tWitch was invited on the Ellen show as a guest DJ and there was no looking back ever since. Boss became a name to reckon with on the Ellen show. His signature dance session was synonymous with the The Ellen DeGeneres Show so much so that both the crowd and the viewers looked forward to it. On that note, let’s look at some of the best moments of DJ tWitch from the Ellen show.

Best tWitch moments from The Ellen DeGeneres show

Swaying to the upbeat music with his family

That he pumped up the audience at the beginning of the Ellen show is a known thing but the times he brought his family on the stage was the time it became special. Right from the start when he became a part of the Ellen show, tWitch performed several dances with his wife and children. In fact, a lot of Boss tWitch’s personal life has been shared on the show too. Here’s a much-loved dance session which had tWitch dancing with his son.

Boss’ special gesture towards his boss DeGeneres

tWitch performed a special dance on DeGeneres’ 61st birthday. For those of you who have seen that episode, DeGeneres he seen making a wish and that’s instantly fulfilled by tWitch and how. Here, take a look.

He also danced with teen dancer JoJo Siwa when she guest-hosted the Ellen show a few months ago. Catch their super-cute dance right here.

Playing games on The DeGenres Show

tWitch was a natural when it came to doing things impromptu. He was always game and participated in games DeGeneres played on the show with guests. Here’s a snippet of one the many games that Ellen played with her guests.

Dancing, dancing, and some more dancing!

While we know he was DJing and participating in games, the dancer in him was always grooving to beats and boy he did perform some amazing dances throughout the show. One of the fun sessions saw tWitch copying viral TikTok dances playing on the screen behind him. He played this game with celebrities who came on the Ellen show.

Impromptu acts, starring in movies and more

Boss tWitch was multi-faceted, and that’s a given. Apart from choreographing, DJing and co-hosting on the Ellen show, he also acted in a few movies. He had a role in Magic Mike XXL and was cast as Marcel X in the upcoming superhero movie Perfectus. Speaking of tWitch appearing in movies, who remembers the crazy waxing session that took place on the show? Well, if you don’t let’s take you back in time.

Tribute by Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrities

A member of the dance troupes “Breed OCLA” and “Chill Factor Crew”, Stephen Boss’ sudden demise has left everyone heartbroken. Here’s how Ellen DeGeneres and other celebrities paid tribute to the late star.


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U.S.’ former first lady Michelle Obama too took to Twitter to condole the death of the American star.

RIP, Stephen tWitch Boss!

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RIP DJ tWitch! Looking Back At Stephen Boss’ Best Moments On The Ellen Show!