The concept of good and bad luck might not appeal to a practical, discerning individual with a scientific temper. Still, humans have been indulging in rituals or practices since age-old times to usher in good luck and prosperity. All streams of divination attest a lot of importance to lucky and unlucky colours for zodiac signs.

Chinese, Western and Vedic astrology — all stress the importance of chromotherapy or colour therapy. It is believed that all colours affect individuals differently. This depends on their zodiacs, the positioning of the planets and the constellations in their birth charts. Certain lucky or power colours associated with every zodiac sign have healing and positive energies as well. Similarly, some colours are deemed unlucky for zodiacs, and they should avoid these hues to curb negativity in their life and usher in good vibes and prosperity.

Colour therapy in astrology suggests zodiacs incorporate hues in their day-to-day life repeatedly and avoid those which disturb the overall harmony of their being.

Unlucky colours for zodiacs and reasons to avoid them

Aries — black

Unlucky Colours for Zodiac Signs
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The first zodiac sign is symbolised by the ram and is influenced by the fire element. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars. Hence, red is its lucky colour. The sign for ambition and drive should avoid black, as it is the colour of Saturn and does not bode well with the sensibilities of the free-thinking ram.

Taurus — dark purple

Zodiac Unlucky Colours
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The earth sign of Taurus, symbolised by the celestial bull, is known to be steadfast, grounded and ruled by the planet of love and money, Venus. Hence, soft hues of white and pink bode well for their temperament. However, it is recommended that they avoid red because it is said to bring out their inherent stubbornness to the fore. Also, they should avoid the darkish tinge of the eggplant purple colour.

Gemini — orange, dark yellow and red

Zodiac Unlucky Colours
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The air sign of Gemini is one of the most curious, interesting, affable and social signs among the zodiacs. Ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, the mutable sign is denoted by The Twins. The Gemini is known as a dual nature sign. They should not go for warm colours of orange, dark yellow and red, as they disturb their creative energy and play up inherent negative qualities like confusion and restlessness.

Cancer — black and burgundy

Unlucky Colours for Zodiac Signs
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Ruled by the moon, the water sign of cancer is the most sensitive among all zodiacs. Gentle and inward-looking, they are usually calm but can often fall prey to overthinking and anxiety. This cardinal sign should avoid black and burgundy to keep negativity away.

Leo — white, pink and pastels

Unlucky Colours for Zodiac Signs
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Leo, denoted by the lion, is represented by the Sun. Warm-hearted, generous, magnetic and extremely positive, they are a fixed sign of the zodiac. It is recommended that they stay away from light hues of white, pink, blue and pastels as it might dim their otherwise electric personality.

Virgo — orange

Zodiac Unlucky Colours
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Mercury rules this earth sign denoted by the symbol of the virgin. They are practical and rooted in the physical world. Fastidious and perfectionists, they love to plan everything meticulously. Earth colours like different shades of browns and greens go very well with this sign. They are Virgo’s lucky colours. They should avoid bright hues like orange because it throws them off balance.

Libra — neon

unlucky colours
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If there were an adjective to describe a Libran, it would be ‘well-balanced’. Denoted by the symbol of a weighing scale, they are governed by the planet Venus. They love everything chic and classy and even their lucky colour palette consists of well-balanced hues. The zodiac’s unlucky colour is fluorescent or neon colours because they are jarring to their inner peace and make them feel imbalanced and out of control.

Scorpio — white and pastel

pastle colour
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Ruled by the planet of destruction, Pluto, this water sign is the most intense of all the sun signs and is known for its emotional depth, intuition and spiritual leaning. This fixed sign is passionate and mysterious and connects well with dark colours like black and purple. Any presence of light colours, like light blue, white or pastels, does not align with their core. They might feel out of their mojo with these colours.

Sagittarius — dark brown, dark green and black

Unlucky Colours for Zodiac Signs
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The last fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is symbolised by the archer and is ruled by the planet of travel and adventure, Jupiter. This mutable sign loves to go places, both literally and figuratively, and hence, its personality goes well with bright blues and yellows. They should stay away from drab colours with dark brown, green and black tones.

Capricorn — yellow, neon and purple

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Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn is the last earth sign symbolised by a sea goat. The black, grey or khaki colour is considered lucky for a Capricorn. Similarly, they are advised to stay away from yellow, neon and purple colours.

Aquarius — yellow, orange and gold

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This forward-thinking and progressive sign is denoted by the planet Uranus and is an air sign. They like to reflect and look at the larger picture, always. This fixed sign should go for electric blues mixed with silvers and other cool tones in the family. They should certainly avoid warm tones of yellow, orange and gold. These disrupt their intelligent thinking and bring negative thoughts.

Pisces — navy and dark blue

dark blue
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Peace-loving and meditative, the last sign of the zodiac is the water sign. Pisces is denoted by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Dreamy and calm, they should opt for blushing pinks and soft lavenders. Navy or dark blue is unlucky for Piscean energy, as it plays with their peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the zodiac signs' lucky colours?

Answer: All colours affect individuals differently. They depend on the zodiacs, the positioning of the planets and the constellations in their birth charts. Some lucky or power colours associated with every zodiac sign have healing and positive powers as well.

Question: What is the unlucky colour for Virgo?

Answer: Orange is the unlucky colour for the earth sign Virgo.

Question: What are the zodiac signs' lucky colours?

Answer: Some of the lucky colours for zodiacs are red for Aries, green for Taurus, yellow for Gemini, silver for Cancer, gold for Leo, black or purple for Scorpio and pastels for Pisces.

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