It is a human tendency to trace patterns in everything — be it numbers, colours or objects. Many among us take these, especially numerical patterns, as signs of affirmation and energies that transcend the trappings of the physical world. This reminds us of esoteric science — the study of energies — which is deemed to be important if one wants to look at symbolism to add a deeper dimension to the study of numerology. Considered highly significant in the metaphysical realms, angel numbers and their meaning are one such phenomenon.

Numerology has been studied in almost all ancient cultures. Western numerology, as followed in modern times, is mostly based on Pythagorean and Chaldean philosophies. The Chinese follow the age-old I-Ching traditions to determine the mystical power of numbers.

If you believe in numerology, chances are that you have already noticed a pattern of numbers making a frequent appearance in your day-to-day life. These are known as the angel numbers. Highly subjective in nature, they could differ from one person to another. If you have faith, then using angel numbers daily can yield positive results and help maintain a peaceful mindset in life. Here is everything you need to know about the meaning of angel numbers, which are also considered a message from the universe.

What are angel numbers?

angel numbers
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Are you someone who usually waits for a sign from the universe to ascertain you are moving in the right direction with respect to an important decision regarding your life? If yes, then you would have noticed a repeating sequence of numbers from 000 to 999, such as 111, 222, 333 and 444. It could also be a numerical pattern like 678 or 987.

Experts say that one does not need to analyse or deduce confusing algorithms to find your angel number because, as the name suggests, it simply follows you everywhere, like your own guardian angel.

It is believed that once individuals have some sort of spiritual connection, they begin to notice these patterns easily and take it as a sign, an affirmation, a blessing or some sort of communication from the mystical world.

According to Esoteric science, there are no ‘mere coincidences,’ and everything happens for a reason. If you believe this, then you would take frequent occurrences of a particular number in your day-to-day life as a cosmic intervention to either heal or teach you more about your existence in the larger scenario.

The meaning of angel numbers

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Finding out and interpreting angel numbers is a game of perception, and there is no fixed rule for the same. Every number denotes a certain meaning that aids in one’s personal journey of self-discovery. Here are the meanings of angel numbers between 000 and 999.


The number 0 in repeating format symbolises new beginnings. This number offers an opportunity to restart a defunct project or life in general, with a fresh point of view and renewed vigour.


If you see the number one in sets of two or more, it means that the universe has decided to bless you. Everything you do would be successful. Do what your gut says, and trust the power of this angel number to give you all the money and fame in your endeavours. It also means that you will be on the top of your game.


The power of the number two in numerology is undisputed, for it symbolises harmony. This number can help you do away with relationship woes or strengthen partnerships in professional, personal or even spiritual spheres of life. If you see this number frequently, then it means that the universe is asking you to collaborate with your loved one or a spiritual teacher who can help you succeed in a project, or you two are meant to reach an elevated state of mind together.


Three symbolises creativity. This is an important pattern for anyone working in an artistic field who needs some inspiration from the universe to channelise their imagination to the best of their capabilities. This number also facilitates self-expression.


Being at home is a state of mind which helps in grounding a person. Much of our peace and comfort comes from home, which is the biggest indicator of support and stability. Number four denotes this instinct of creating a stable environment for an individual to thrive. A person who keeps seeing this number in sets is family-oriented and attached to their foundation.


It is rightly said that ‘change is the only constant.’ We have heard of this adage many times, and it is engraved in our minds. Number five denotes just this. A numerical pattern containing the digits five in a repeating fashion is said to have transformative powers. Need a reset button to give you a jumpstart in life? This number, making an appearance in a systemic way, can help you.


Contrary to popular belief, this number should not be discarded as demonic or negative because it actually signifies empathy, love and kindness. If you see multiples of this number or sets of six repeatedly, it means that you will be either bestowed upon with love and kindness or will need to express the same for someone close or even a stranger in need.


Why is number seven highly regarded in the casino? No prizes for guessing that it denotes monetary luck. This number stands for prosperity and money. If you see this number often, then good luck is around the corner, and you may be blessed with either unexpected inheritance or a grand promotion at your workplace.


Structurally, if one looks at the digit eight, it forms an infinity bond. Spiritually, it has an extremely powerful connotation. People who see this number are considered to be truly blessed. Supernatural support, endless opportunities, love and luck — this individual is bestowed with all this and more.


Number nine marks the end of the road but not in a negative way, signifying death and destruction, but in a supremely positive manner, resulting in regeneration, new growth and the end of toxicity to usher in good energies and vibes. An individual with this as their angel number should never cease to chase new opportunities.

Why is seeing angel numbers considered good?

 angel numbers meaning
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There is no particular method for finding your angel number. They can be found on hoardings while waiting for a bus, on tickets or receipts, nameplates, licence plates, dates of important days of your life, addresses, alarms or even travel itineraries. Spotting an angel number can be best described as an instinct, and you are convinced that the universe is trying to communicate with you through nature by opening up interesting possibilities for you to dive in.

The angel numbers are indicative of your existence, syncing it with a universal energy field or vibrational frequency which guides you through certain challenging or breakthrough situations in life.

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